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3 Beginner Tips to Make Vaping a Better Experience

Cigarette smoking’s popularity has begun to wane quickly. With its skyrocketing prices and debilitating lung problems, it has rapidly lost its charm. Now that people are switching to healthier lifestyle choices, they are now shifting to vaping as an alternative. It’s an excellent choice for those who have been looking for a way to curb their smoking habits but miss the sensation of blowing smoke.

An issue that many new vapers run into is the lack of prior research before switching to a new electronic system, causing them confusion with their new vape. With traditional cigarettes being fire-and-forget, vape kits can be trickier than what people expect. However, a little knowledge and trial-and-error can get people to be the masters at exhaling impressive plumes of vapour.

If you have just bought your first vape kit in the UK, congratulations are in order! You’ve now entered the fascinating world of vaping. Here are some tips to make you a more knowledgeable vaper:

Tip Number 1: Maintenance is Key

Whether you are running a vape pen or a vape mod, it will always need a little bit of TLC to keep functioning long-term. When running your unit, make sure that the cotton is dry before you decide to store it. This might not be applicable for heavier vapers because you will be using the unit often. Heavy use means that the cotton that runs through the coil might burn out quicker, meaning you will need to run a replacement.

Your local vape shop, like V8PR, carries several different cotton and coil replacement parts, which you will likely have to do down the line. How fast you burn through these depends on the usage levels of your unit, so learn how to change these components accordingly.

Tip Number 2: Buy a Hard Case for Transport

It is not recommended to keep your vape in your backpack or your pocket as it can crack or scuff from banging into other items. All it takes to damage vape tanks is just a little bit of contact, so keeping the unit safe from hard objects is essential for its survival.

A hard case can prevent the tank from cracking, and can even prevent your vape unit from drops that might shatter glass. This also makes it less likely to develop dust and gunk within the unit if any juice leaks on the unit’s components and body.

Tip Number 3: Store Your Vape Juice Properly

For many beginners, having a wide range of flavours to choose from is exciting, and people often go crazy and buy a ton of these vape e-juices without knowing how to store them. Proper storage for unopened vape juices should be in their boxes or packaging in a cool and dry place. If you can, try to aerate the liquids to remove any alcohol content by opening up the bottle a little bit and leave it for a day or two before using it. Always shake vape juice bottles before opening them the first time for the two liquids to mix inside the bottle. Keep the bottle out of sunlight and out of the fridge. Always keep them stored properly to maintain their flavours and the potency.


These are three of the best tips for beginners to experience their brand new vape kits. Remember that vapes require a little more care and more experience to use these compared to cigarettes. While this may come as a bit of a culture shock, you will be pleased to have a wide range of flavours available for your enjoyment. Remember to vape responsibly and have fun now that you’ve quit cigarettes!

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