Thinking of Vaping? -

Thinking of Vaping?

Top 5 Benefits You’ll Notice Straight Away When You Switch to Vaping

V8PR.UK - Dec 20th 2019

In the discussion about whether switching from smoking to vaping is a good concept, the media tends to focus on politics and health.  However they seldom mention the numerous motives besides health and harm reduction that smokers should consider when making the change.

Smoking isn’t just bad for your health, but it’s smelly, expensive, and can be socially isolating. Vaping, on the other hand, fixes many of these problems; it does away with the smell, waste, and huge financial cost of smoking.

When you make the switch to vaping, you’ll immediately start to notice the benefits. You’ll find more money in your wallet, your general health will improve, your taste buds will kick back to life and you will have an increased sense of smell. All this, allied to a great sense of community and an easier, more flexible, life.
 If you’re thinking about making the switch, read through this list, it might help you decide if vaping is right for you.
Vaping is more Convenient

1/   Convenience

Carrying around a pack of cigarettes and a lighter might not seem that inconvenient, but that’s probably because you’ve never had a good, reliable Vape.
When your smoking, there are a lot of different factors you have to think about. You have to worry about burn marks from the lit end of your cigarette (most smokers have at least a few around their cars or homes), and take care to keep ash off of your clothes and belongings.
You also have to worry about finding ashtrays and public bins to dispose of your cigarette waste and then deal with the smell that it leaves behind on your hands and clothes. But none of this is necessary when you Vape.
When you vape, you can simply fill up your trusty portable e-cigarette and grab an extra set of charged batteries and be confident that you have everything you need for the day. You can fire up an e-cigarette in even the strongest winds, there’s no ash or waste to worry about, and the smell doesn’t linger on your person.
With an e-cigarette, you can satisfy your nicotine craving anytime without all of the hassle that comes with burning tobacco and paper. While e-cigarettes do require a bit of regular maintenance, the convenience of vaping on the go far outweighs the hassle of dealing with a pack of smokes.

2/  Vapers Smell Better

Vapers Smell Better
Whilst there is a small amount of “push-back” from the ill informend. Some people don’t notice or mind e-cigarette vapor at all, while some others are more sensitive to the smell. However, one thing that no one can dispute is the fact that e-cigarette vapor smells much nicer than cigarette smoke.
Many people describe e-cigarette vapor as having a slightly sweet, slightly synthetic scent that disperses and fades much more quickly than smoke. Tobacco smoke, on the other hand, is heavy, irritating, and tends to linger in the air and on your clothes.
Almost no one, not even smokers, enjoys that stale, ashy smell that seeps into everything that smoke touches. By vaping instead, you can smell cleaner and fresher and still get your nicotine fix.

3/   Vaping is Less of a Pain.

As  a smoker, you can probably remember a time (or, more likely, many times) that you’ve had to miss parts of important family and social events to step outside for a smoke. That’s not fun your you, and it’s certainly not fun for your friends and family, either. It disrupts social occasions and ruins the flow of conversation.
But when you vape, you can get your nicotine fix without putting your life on hold as often. Sure, may still need to step outside to vape in some situations, but you can vape for as long or short as you want and come back in a hurry; there’s no burning cigarette that you have to wait to finish.
There are many situations, such as in your own home, car, or other places that allow indoor vaping, where you can vape as you continue on with your life and social activities. With an e-cigarette, you can satisfy your nicotine craving without letting it take centre stage in your life.
Vaping Saves Money

4/  Vaping Saves Money

Switching to vaping will make a huge difference in your bank account, too.
Smoking can be extremely expensive, a single pack of cigarettes can cost a flabbergasting £12, multiply this by 365 days in a year and you get to the mind boggling cost of £4380. Even if you calculate this figure at £9/ pack and 10/day the total is £1640. That’s equivalent to a holiday every year (maybe even 2 or 3). This is hard to reconcile when there is a ready alternative.
What’s great about vaping is that it can be as expensive or cheap as you want to make it, depending on your personal preferences and budget. Many vapers are perfectly content using small, inexpensive devices while others make it a hobby and spend a lot more time and money on their e-cigarettes.
However, all but the most passionate, hobbyist vapers can get away with vaping at a much lower cost than smoking cigarettes. You can get a good-quality, powerful device for under £50 that will last at least months, if not years when taken care of correctly.
Other than the cost of the e-cigarette, you will just need to buy e-liquid to refill it with and some minor, inexpensive parts like wicks and coils. Luckily, bottles of e-liquid are usually very cheap and go a long way. Plus, you’ll get to sample all sorts of different textures and flavours!
The variations of flavour help maintain interest and add to the fun. The cost of vaping, given £10/week for juice- £50/year for the device and £3/week for coils Etc comes to a yearly cost of £780.
So you will save a minimum of a Grand a year, look better, smell better and be more sociable. The benefits are stacking up, but there’s more.
More Vaping Options than Ever Before

5/   More Options than Ever Before

While there are plenty of cigarette brands to choose from, the sheer number and variety of e-cigarette devices and e-liquid flavours is often overwhelming to people who make the switch. Luckily, there is so much advice out there online and in your local vaping community that can help you find an e-cigarette and flavour that’s right for you.
Once you get a feel for what vaping has to offer, you’ll realise that so many options for customisation, personalisation, and convenience are opened up to you. No matter what your lifestyle or personal preferences are, you can find a device style and flavour that suits your needs.
You can choose between small disposables, e-cigs with replaceable cartridges or pods, e-cigs with large tanks, e-cigs with small tanks, e-cigs that enhance flavour, e-cigs that produce huge clouds of vapor, e-cigs that go through juice slower, e-cigs that go through juice faster… there is almost an endless variety when it comes to vaping!
What’s more, you can change the amount of nicotine that you vape from 0% to 18% so you can start high and reduce to 0, and eventually stop completely.

Enter the World of Vaping!

As we’ve shown, there is a lot more to love about vaping besides its potential for health and harm reduction. You’re bound to notice a multitude of improvements in your daily life and budget after making the switch.
Entering the world of vaping will introduce you to a whole community of new friends, new technology, and more choices than you ever imagined. And compared to the expensive, wasteful and harmful nature of tobacco cigarettes, vaping is a much less expensive and more eco-friendly activity.
If you are thinking about making the change an e-cigarette, take a look around the site. Message us for advice, we look forward to helping a new vaper find their way and choose an device that works for you.
Welcome to the fold and happy vaping.
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