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3 Important Reminders When Storing Your Vape E-Juice

Having a sizable stock of vape e-juice whenever you need it is a delight. Instead of having to rush to a store to get some, you can quickly access your juice and vape whenever you want. Besides that, buying in bulk can often get you discounts, which is an advantage when you consider that some e-juice can get expensive.

As a vaper, you should know how to properly take care of your device and store your e-juice to maintain an excellent quality taste and vaping experience. This is especially important as the nicotine in the liquid can break down, which will negatively affect the taste.

With that said, here are some necessary reminders that you should follow, whether you’re a rookie or expert vaper, to ensure a great taste of your vape e-juice:

Reminder #1: Keep them away from children and pets

Like any other chemical, you should keep your e-juices away from children and pets to avoid spills because its chemicals can harm their bodies. According to health experts, there are chemicals in vape e-juices that can cause serious health issues. In fact, some recorded cases show that the ingestion of e-juices can even be fatal.

To ensure the integrity of your e-juice and the health of the children and pets in your home, it would be best to store the liquids in high cabinets or behind locked storage.

Reminder #2: Keep them away from heat

You shouldn’t store your vape e-juices in hot areas, as the heat can break down the nicotine content in the liquid. Aside from that, it can ruin the taste, making your vaping experience unenjoyable and unsatisfying.

To maintain the taste and quality of your e-juice, keep it away from hot places such as inside a parked car. Heat can quickly form when your vehicle is not running and parked outside, especially during summer seasons.

Reminder #3: Keep them away from light

Besides heat, you should also keep your vape e-juice away from direct light. Aside from producing heat, direct sunlight can alter the taste, strength, and freshness of the liquid’s flavour, even if it’s exposed for just a few minutes.

With that said, avoid placing your e-juice under direct sunlight. For instance, if you are vaping in your backyard, it is better to store your juice bottle in your bag or pocket for the meantime, instead of exposing it to further heat and light.


There are many factors that affect the quality of your vaping experiences, including the type of device that you use, condition of its parts, your usage, and, most importantly, the quality of your vape e-juice.

As you know by now, your e-juices are sensitive to external factors that can significantly affect their quality and taste. For great flavour and vaping experience, make sure to store your vape e-juices in a cool, enclosed, and secured storage. This applies to both individual containers and bulk packages, but it’s particularly important when you have a large batch to ensure that it doesn’t all go to waste.

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