Essential Tips to Remember When Cleaning Your Vape Mod -

Essential Tips to Remember When Cleaning Your Vape Mod

Electronic cigarettes have become famous across the world in recent years. People prefer it as an alternative to smoking because they get to try different kinds of eJuices to fuel their vaping experience. Unlike cigarettes, owning a vape mod requires maintenance, so you can continue using it without any problems.

To increase your device's lifespan, you have to keep it clean by regularly getting rid of the gunk buildup. Aside from this, doing so allow you to avoid the potential dangers to your health due to bacteria growing in your device. 

Read on further below to find out how to efficiently clean your vape.

Tips to Clean Your Vape Tank

To sanitise a vape tank, you're going to need some dish soap and warm water to cleanse it thoroughly. You can also use propylene glycol (PG) when rinsing your vape tank—not only will it help clean the insides of your mod, but it will also enhance the flavour of your eJuice.

If you don't have PG at home, other cleaning solutions you can safely use for your vape tank are ethanol, vinegar, baking soda mixed with water or vinegar, or vodka. Just take note that you should never dip your entire vape mod in alcohol, as it will cause damage to your device!

Besides that, if you've been neglecting cleaning your vape for a while, you might need to consider doing a deep clean, which involves more than just your quick rinsing technique. You will need a microwave-safe bowl, water, and a paper towel to soak and rinse your vape tank correctly.

After you've placed your tank into a bowl filled with water, put it into the microwave and set it to go for two minutes. Don't go past the time limit or your vape will overheat and melt the o-rings found in your tank. Dispose of the water carefully and pat your vape dry using a paper towel.

Tips to Clean Your Atomizer

Your vape coils or atomiser is the part of your device located between the eJuice compartment and the screw adapter. You first have to make sure the vape is all heated up before cleaning it because it's more efficient to clean up a warm coil.

Use a damp cotton swab to remove the buildup in your atomiser. Although you can never guarantee you can return it to its normal state, because you'll have to buy a new coil to replace it at some point, you can bring it pretty close to good working condition. However, if you have a cheaper vape model, you might need to change your entire device the moment your atomizer stops functioning.

To filter out your coils, remove them from your vape and soak them in either vinegar, ethanol, or vodka for at least two hours. Wash it off with warm water for a few minutes and make sure there aren't leftover droplets inside the coils when you're done. Allow it to air dry completely on a paper towel before placing it back into your vape. 

Tips to Clean Your Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of your vape is more susceptible to bacteria because it gathers the remains of vape, oil, and germs. An accumulation of lipstick and food particles on your mouthpiece can also cause bacteria to accumulate, which then brings a myriad of health issues if not cleaned out thoroughly!

To cleanse your mouthpiece, immerse it in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt in a ziplock bag. It's necessary to do so because any remaining solid matter will become loose and will be easier to clean out later on. Wash the salt and alcohol off entirely before you place the mouthpiece back onto your device.

Tips to Clean Your Batteries

You can use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab to clean your batteries. If you're using disposable vape pens, you need to be extra careful in cleaning them because the area between the cartridge and the device is very fragile! You will also need to ensure everything is dry before installing the cartridge back in place to avoid malfunctions.


Cleaning up your vape mod may seem tedious, but it’s crucial to preserve its service life. As one of the basic forms of maintenance, you get to assure perfect functionality while also protecting yourself from harmful bacteria and germs that can come in contact with your mouth. If you’re unsure on how to maintain your device, it’s always best to ask someone more experienced—like your friendly neighbourhood vape store owners!

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