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Why Try Steeping Your E-Juice and How You Should Do It

If you think a bottle of e-liquid you just bought is terrible, maybe a little steeping can save it. Steeping is a popular concept in the vaping world, but it is not the type of steeping that you probably know. In the world of the vapers, steeping is equivalent to “ageing.” It is the act of letting the e-juices sit for a while to make the ingredients blend together until their flavours pop. If you are a vape user who wants a better vaping experience, this article will tell you how to steep your e-juice.  

5 Reasons to Steep Your Vape Juice

There is no need to steep e-juice, but doing so will provide you with a more satisfying vaping experience. 

  • It makes the flavours taste better.
  • It makes e-liquids more mellow, reducing the burning feeling in your lungs or throat. 
  • It is perfect for those who want to experiment with the vapes they use.
  • It can neutralize all the negative aspects of the e-juice (such as strong taste or smell and unpleasant effects).  
  • Steeping can be beneficial to nicotine juice users since it gives users a better feel of the ingredient. 

Steeping E-Juice: How to Do It

The most critical element when steeping is time. If you are the type to DIY your e-juice, you will benefit from this guide. However, that does not mean that you cannot steep commercial e-juices. 

The truth is that the e-juice products you buy from shops are already steeped since they have been in storage for weeks. The longer you wait before you use a juice, the better the taste will become. 

Here are some reminders on how to achieve the best-steeped e-juice: 

  • Choose a cool and dark place to leave your e-juice in. It can be a cupboard, a drawer, or a box.
  • Make sure to check your e-juice every once in a while and shake it occasionally (one to two times a day will do) to speed up the process.
  • E-liquids with higher PG content (80/20 mixtures, for example) require less steeping time.
  • Never try to speed up the process by adding high heat or exposing the juice to too much air. It will only have the reverse effect on your liquid. 

For DIY e-juice makers, mixing two different flavours before steeping produces a better result. Just make sure to steep the final mix as soon as you finish it. Glass bottles also provide the best results. Make sure that your bottles also have tight-fitting lids or caps. 

The steeping timeline depends on the flavours you choose. They can range from a week to four weeks to even three months of steeping. It also depends on your taste or preference.

  • Fruit flavours - A week of steeping will be enough. 
  • Tobacco and selected dessert flavours - These flavours need around four weeks to steep.
  • Complex dessert flavours, creams, and custards - Two to three months of steeping can improve the taste of these flavours.


There is no going back to non-steeped e-liquids after tasting the steeped versions. The process brings significant changes to one’s vaping experience. Whether your e-juice has nicotine or not, it will benefit from steeping and provide you with a smooth and delicious e-juice to enjoy. 

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