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How Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Different From Regular Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping is a style of vaping wherein the atomizer is set to less than one ohm. Sub-ohm atomizers usually have a larger wire and wick than the atomizers used in regular vaping. Vapers enjoy this style of vaping because it produces a much bigger and flavourful cloud of vapour.

Some vapers will say that you would have to build and customize your coils to do sub-ohm vaping properly. However, this type of vaping is complex. Therefore, it would be better if you use pre-built coils from trusted brands for sub-ohming.

What are its advantages?

You can distinguish sub-ohm vaping from regular vaping because it produces a different taste and volume of vapour. To explain further, here are some of the significant advantages of sub-ohming:

1. It produces bigger vapour clouds

As an effect of an atomizer that has a resistance level of less than one ohm, a larger volume of vapour is created. That is why sub-ohm vaping is ideal for people who are cloud chasers or those who join in vaping competitions.

2. It enhances vapour flavour

Sub-ohm vaping uses more vape juice than regular vaping, enriching and enhancing its flavour. However, since there is more vapour, the amount of nicotine is decreased.

3. It gives a warmer drag

The heat generated from the sub-ohm’s high wattage delivers a significantly warmer vapour. That is why many current or former cigarette smokers turn to sub-ohm vaping because it gives warming feeling to the throat, similar to how a cigarette does.

How is it different from regular vaping?

Aside from the vapour’s volume, taste, and warmth, there are other factors that significantly differentiates sub-ohm vaping from regular vaping. Here are three other things that make sub-ohming different:

1. Sub-ohm vapers inhale the vapour directly into their lungs

Regular vapers inhale the vapour similar to how smokers inhale cigarettes. They briefly hold the vapour into their mouth first before completely inhaling. People who do this vaping technique is sometimes referred to as “mouth to lungers.”

On the contrary, people who prefer to have a deep lung hit choose sub-ohming as this is done by directly inhaling the vapour into the lungs.

2. Sub-ohming would require specific equipment

Sub-ohm vaping is significantly different from regular vaping in terms of the types of equipment used. For sub-ohming, you would need larger sub-ohm tanks, coils, mods, spare batteries, and high Vegetable Glycerin (VG) e-liquids. You should also note that it would take more power to heat the coils because of its low resistance.

3. Sub-ohming is relatively more expensive

As you can see, sub-ohm vaping would need specific equipment, which can be costly. Since it produces more vapour, it consumes far more e-liquids and burns more coils. That is why you would need to buy more e-juice bottles and coil replacements than with regular vaping.


Sub-ohm vaping is a style of vaping ideal for people who enjoy massive vapour and deep lung hits. Aside from producing a larger cloud of vapour, vapers love this style because it significantly enhances the e-juice flavour and it brings a warm hit into the throat. However, sub-ohming can be expensive, as it uses specific equipment such as larger sub-ohm tanks and coils.

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