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Our Guide to Priming Vape Coils

Priming is an important skill that all vape enthusiasts should learn. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just getting your feet wet, priming is essential for giving you the best vape experience possible, regardless of the vaping device you use. This can save you a lot of money and make the most out of your vaping equipment, making them last longer so you can enjoy them as often as you’d like.

Why is Priming Coils Important?

Priming vape coils is a necessary step you need to do before you use them, as they properly prep the heating aspects and the eJuice delivery system of your vaping device. This will ensure that only the coil itself is burned, not the wick, making sure you have delicious hits without the burnt taste.

Otherwise, if the coil isn’t properly primed, it will burn the wick as well. This is susceptible to burning since it is made of cotton and it easily burns up unless they’re soaked in eJuice. Without priming vape coils, you’ll have to constantly replace your wick—making you shell out way more than you have to. Priming also makes sure you get the full flavour of your vape juice without risking the awful tang of burnt wick!

How Do I Prime My Vape Coils?

Fortunately, priming your vape coils is a pretty easy process. It’s a four-step process that’s entirely beginner-friendly, making it even easier to do each time before you start vaping.

1. Fasten a New Coil

This step is necessary only if you’re replacing an old coil; otherwise, skip ahead to the next step since new tanks come with pre-installed coils. Make sure to do this step before saturating your wick to prevent getting any substances on your fingers.

Simply detach the old coil and discard it properly. Screw the replacement coil according to the instructions on your vaping device. Different vaping devices are set up in their own unique ways, so be sure to familiarise yourself with the directions given by your device.

2. Soak Wick with eJuice

Now it’s time to soak your wick with your eJuice. Before getting around to that, though, you’ll have to inspect the body of the atomiser head for juice holes. This is where the wick connects with the eJuice. Even though coils come in different designs, these actually have no bearing on how it affects your wick, since they all have the material in an easily noticeable place.

Once you spot the holes, carefully add one drop of eJuice in each of them. While some vapers apply eJuice in just one hole, adding it to all of them spreads the liquid more uniformly. Small atomiser coils work best with only one or two drops of eJuice, while bigger ones need four to five drops. These should be added one at a time to ensure the wick is properly absorbing the juice.

3. Take a Few Dry Hits

Congratulations! You’ve got your coils and wick primed and prepared, so it’s time to take a few dry hits. A dry hit consists of taking a drag from your vaping device without pressing on the firing button, so nothing is actually lighting up when you take a hit. If your vaping device comes with an airflow adjustment valve, make sure it’s tightened.

Cover the air intake holes with your hands, then take a few regular drags from your vape. This encourages the flow of the eJuice in your tank to the wick. Make sure your drags are measured and moderate, as you may accidentally oversaturate your coil with eJuice.

4. Condition Your Coils

Lastly, it’s time to condition your coils by breaking them in. All you have to do is use a low wattage during your first few hits of your vape. This wattage should be at a lower level than your usual. Take a few hits, then slowly increase the wattage. Repeat this until you reach your normal, preferred wattage.

When using new coils, make sure that your first few hits are brief—this will make sure that your coils don’t get too hot when you’re breaking them in.


Learning how to prime your vape coils will deliver the best vape experience possible, especially if you’re a newbie. You’ll be getting the full spectrum of flavour in your vapour while making the most out of your coil and wick. By following this quick four-step guide, you’ll be a pro at priming your coils in no time!

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