The Clone Wars: Why You Shouldn't Buy a Clone Vape Mod -

The Clone Wars: Why You Shouldn't Buy a Clone Vape Mod

With irresistible prices and near-identical features, it seems like buying clone vape mods is the way to go for any cost-conscious vaper looking to experience excellent sessions. 

As the prices of flagship mods go up every year, the average cutting-edge product can seem like an unattainable goal for vapers on a budget. Many budding vapers have actively lobbied for mods to become the new normal and widely accepted because of the way they seemingly provide the same experience while being nearly impossible to tell apart. Well, at a glance, of course.

Now, as tempting as it may sound to get a mod for half the price with a few “minor” tweaks, the truth is that there’s more at stake with clone vape devices than a few dozen pounds in savings. 

What’s the catch with clone devices?

Many people actively dismiss the high level of risk that comes with getting clone vape mods, even the manufacturers of these clones seek to dismiss them. 

Compared to other parts, the vape mod is arguably the most complex of the bunch considering the amount of wiring and electronics involved, which is why there’s a higher retail price for higher-end models. However, many people fail to understand that these prices are as high as they are because of the research, development, and testing involved.

Unfortunately, the three crucial factors mentioned above aren’t involved in clone vape mods, which explain their low price. 

The ugly truth about clone vape mods 

When it comes to gauging the overall value that clone vape mods can deliver, the reality is that the only value they can provide is a dirt-cheap price. Beyond that, it’s all downhill from there.

Although clone vape mods claim to have qualities like a “90 per cent ‘deathmatch’ rate” or a “100 per cent exact copy,” they miss out on the crucial aspect of fail-proof safety guaranteed. Seeing that they’re cheap, they could also be inferior in the materials they use and the build quality they provide, making them less than sustainable in the long run. 

If you’re looking for a reason to forgo a clone vape mod, here are two more that will convince you not to get one: 

Clone vape mods are muddled with signs of low build quality

Compared to authentic vape mods, clones aren’t held to the same rigorous standards that originating manufacturers employ, making them a ticking time bomb that’s detonated by poor quality.

Sure, a clone vape mod will look like its originating counterpart (hence the name). However, a closer look into the internals will reveal a disparity too large to ignore, especially if you’re particular about being safe. While there is a host of different ways that clone vape mods are different from original ones, here are the stark differences that place the latter on the losing side of things: 

  • Shorter-life batteries because of faster degradation
  • Little-to-no quality control, meaning that each product is arbitrary in terms of whether or not it will short and catch fire
  • Easy-to-break internal components that can cause early shutdowns or uncontrolled levels of heat and wattage delivery

Clones vape mods are made by manufacturers that aren’t regulated

In a world where options are abundant, and the health and safety of consumers are heavily involved. This is where regulation plays a critical role in ensuring that each vape mod is guaranteed to yield a safe experience. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for clone mods.

When you invest money in a vape mod that’s a bit pricier, you’d like to hope that the manufacturing process was so rigorous to the point where you won’t have to worry about the device blowing up in your face. However, you won’t have the same assurance with clones because they’re made by a company that most likely isn’t regulated or held to strict standards. 

After all, can you trust a company to keep itself regulated when it can’t even respect or abide by copyright laws and trademarks? In fact, you can get an original, tested, and trustworthy vape mod from V8PR for a few more quid – warranty included!


While the allure of getting a clone mod can be a bit too irresistible to refuse because it provides the image and likeness of a coveted mod for a fraction of the price, there’s a darker side to it that can’t be ignored. If you care about your life, health, and the quality of your vaping experience, then it’s best to go for an original vape mod instead! 

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