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A Definitive Guide to Choosing Your eJuice for Former Smokers

Taking that shift from smoking to vaping is a huge step to quitting cigarettes. Understandably, there’s much to learn about vaping first, as it’s definitely more complicated than simply popping a stick into your mouth and lighting it. While picking out your mod is a crucial first step, what will help you kick the habit is your choice of eJuice.

Choosing what eJuice to stick with is a layered process; there is no one perfect taste that will stop you from quitting. It is only by finding your own personal taste that can help you find the perfect eJuice for your entry into the vaping world. This process, however, takes time—but with a bit of research—and a lot of trial and error—you’ll find your personal flavour in no time.

Why are there so many flavours?

Understandably, one of the biggest nuisances of choosing an eJuice is that there are so many options. The reason for this emergence of flavours, however, is not just because of taste, per se, but because of a lesser-known fact about the addictive nature of cigarettes.

While the main hook of cigarettes is due to nicotine, what makes it more difficult to quit is due to sugar. Cigarettes contain up to a teaspoon of sugar—meaning aside from facing the bouts of nicotine withdrawal, you’ll also be curbing the lack of a “sugar high” from your cigarettes. Through eJuice, however, it attempts to target both cravings.

How can I pick out the eJuice that’s right for me?

As stated, picking out the perfect eJuice is simply about knowing your own personal taste. Sifting through your numerous options, however, banks on these three major “taste profiles” that affect your vaping experience. By knowing a bit about each, you can make a better decision in regard to your choice of juice.

The Mouthfeel/Throat Hit

One of the major differences between smoking and vaping is that it simply “feels” different. The difference is mainly due to what is known as the mouthfeel/throat hit of what you’re inhaling. This is brought about by the PG/VG concentration of vape juice, which is why knowing a bit about the ratio can help you liken the experience closer to what you wish.

Higher PG levels increase the throat hit, which many attributes as closer to the sensation of smoking. Higher VG levels, however, increase the amount of vapour and flavour, which is important to those who need to “feel” the air swirling in their mouth.

The Nicotine Content

The nicotine content is obvious—higher nicotine is better for longtime smokers. The trouble with this, however, is that many fail to realize the difference in experience nicotine actually is. If you’re the type of smoker who prefers taking long smoke breaks, then go for one with lower nicotine content. If you’re the type who needs to take in more smoke to get a head rush, then high nic levels are for you.

The Flavour Variety

There are three basic flavour palettes to consider: the classics, the staples, and the hybrids. Classic flavours are those rooted in cigarettes, which mainly consist of earthy, tobacco flavoured juices. Staples are those commonly used by many vapers, thus consisting of single layers of fruity flavoured juices. Hybrids, on the other hand, are extremely targetted for taste, with stronger mixed profiles that take getting used to, such as cheese custard flavours or cola, for example.

The Bottom Line

When shifting from cigarettes to vaping, the crucial component to factor in would be the juice you’re using. By choosing the right one, you won’t just be able to lessen and probably quit smoking, but you will most likely enjoy your vaping experience.

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