Getting "No Atomizer" or "Atomizer Low" Prompts? Here's Why

Don’t you just hate it when your vape pulls “404, smoke not found” as soon as you’re ready to take a flavourful hit out of it?

If you’ve ever run into a problem like this before, then you’ve probably received various messages on your mod’s little screen along the lines of “atomiser low”, “no atomiser”, or “atomiser short.” While your mod’s indicator may help say that there is a problem, it’s not explaining what is happening to it at all.

As a result, you might be wondering about what all this probably means, how bad the problem is, or how much longer you need to wait until your vape finally starts working again. However, it’s crucial to note that you won’t necessarily have to panic if your vape fails to fire up as it should because the chances are that you have a problem that’s easy to remedy.

A few common reasons your atomiser might be conking out

Before you go on this rant about how your vape is supposed to serve you instead of causing trouble, it’s best to calm down and understand that no problem is solved by complaining.

Admittedly, it can be quite annoying and confusing to see your mod pop a “no atomiser” or “atomiser low” prompt when your tank is adequately screwed into place. Fortunately, you can pass the confusion and get right to the nitty-gritty by troubleshooting your devices and cross-referencing the signs with these common causes:

Problem #1: You have a set of shorted coils

Generally, one of the most common causes of having an atomiser and mod that don’t want to work with each other is a bum factory coil that won’t let you enjoy your vape.

When it comes to handling a problem like this, the causes you’re looking at are an improper factory coil seating, missing insulators, or a shorted coil. In turn, an issue like this will typically return an error prompt on the mod along the lines of “atomiser low” or “atomiser short.”

If you want to solve this problem, you’ll need to seat your coil correctly. However, if this seating solution doesn’t work, you may have to replace it with a new one because you’re probably dealing with a bum coil that won’t be too difficult to replace.

Problem #2: You have some 510 connection pin issues

If your mod has a “no atomiser” prompt that’s been preventing it from pumping out smoke, you are likely dealing with an issue in your mod’s 510 connection.

The 510 pin or connector is the five-millimetre hole where you screw in your tank or atomiser, making it the central contact point between the two parts to make smoke. Often, failures in this part are attributed to poor grounding, low manufacturing, poor design, or an incorrect depth that doesn’t connect properly with a 510 pin.

Unless you know how to work the electronics of a vape mod, the best way to troubleshoot this issue is by getting a new mod, having your current one repaired, or using a different atomiser. If you need a new connection to work with, there’s no need to worry because V8PR has got you covered with a trustworthy supply of products that have been rigorously tested to work right the first time!


Dealing with a vape mod that refuses to pump out smoke from your tank or atty is understandably a frustrating experience that even the most patient vapers will be annoyed by. Fortunately, running into prompts like “atomiser short” or “no atomiser” from your mod doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end because these are problems that you can quickly fix!

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