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Our Guide to Vape Batteries - Facts You Must Know

Vape batteries are not like the typical double-A batteries on most battery-powered toys.

Vape capacitors are ridiculously powerful and are reported to explode on several occasions. Incorrect handling and practices cause explosions, but most of the time, only damages occur.

In this article, we're going to talk about some vape battery facts to ensure you don't get into preventable accidents. 

Don't Use a Counterfeit 

Not all batteries are equal. There are a few tell-all signs that a battery is counterfeit. Some of the symptoms include incorrect alignment, a hideous raised seam in the centre of the cell, and a fluid leak at the top. The safest way to buy genuine vape batteries is to buy from a reputable dealer.

Get a Dedicated Charger

Purchase vape chargers from a good vape shop only. Don't use phone chargers to charge your phone because it could cause your vape battery to malfunction.

Don't Overcharge!

Any battery left plugged while you sleep could get easily damaged. Do this frequently, and there's a risk of explosion. To prevent this, make sure you charge when you can keep an eye on things. Also, if your battery is taking longer to load, you need to replace it right away to avoid serious consequences. On a side note, replacing vape batteries in the UK is easy peasy with tons of UK-based online vape shops.

Batteries in Extreme Temperatures is A Hazard

The optimal vape battery temperature should be between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. A fully-charged battery exposed to extreme temperatures can potentially lead to a dangerous situation. Because of that, you should not ever leave your battery in a hot environment. 

Replace Old Vape Batteries

Batteries need replacement if their juice quickly drains out even with the same power usage. If your battery gets warmer than usual without changing your vape's settings, it needs a replacement. Physical damage like scrapes and dents should not be ignored too. Lastly, when you notice a small amount of fluid leaking from your device, you need to replace the battery quickly immediately. 

Battery Wraps Should Be Intact Always

Using vape batteries with damaged wrapping can lead to the short-circuiting of the cell and can lead to a fire outbreak. Because of that, only charge on fire-resistant surfaces, even if you are confident an accident will not occur. Battery wraps should be clean, without physical deteriorations. 

Use a Battery Case

Battery cases ensure batteries resist damage during transport. Some battery cases have unique features that help maintain your batteries at the right temperature. Also, a battery case makes sure that your cells don't touch metal, which can cause an explosion because of a short-circuit. 

Buy High-Quality Vape Batteries

Most vape products come with high-quality batteries. But, if a vape comes with a crappy battery, it's better to buy a new battery with high ratings. If you are an inexperienced vaper, select a battery for a regulated mod rather than a mechanical mod since the latter needs more technical understanding.

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