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3 Expert Tips to Make Your Vape Juice Last Longer - Our Guide

Vape juice is not particularly expensive these days, but regularly going through a few vials each month can rack up its costs quickly. To help you cut down on your usage, we have compiled a few tips from real vapers that actually help to make vape juices last longer.

Some people claim that premium vape juices are longer-lasting, but that is incorrect. Premium brands differ from regular ones mostly in flavour alone. They use better flavourings, which has no noticeable effect on how long a juice will last. You could even make the argument that you’ll finish premium vape juices a lot faster because they taste better, but we’re not starting that debate.

In this article, we’ll give you three tips that are proven effective to make your vape juice, premium or not, last longer. Let’s get started. 

1 - Turn up the ohms

The ohm on your vape device refers to how much resistance its atomiser will use in relation to the power that runs through it. In simple terms, the higher the ohm rating, the less current is allowed to pass through to vaporise your juice.

When you turn up the ohms, you essentially burn through less vape juice with each puff or hit. You won’t get thick clouds of vapour, but you’ll still be able to taste the flavour and feel the nicotine. Opting for higher ohms can also produce cooler vapour and even extend the life of your vaping device.

A good point to start is at three ohms. This is above the standard setting for most vapers and can make your juice last days longer.

2 - Lower the wattage

You can achieve similar effects by lowering the wattage on your vaping device. Doing so will also help you save on vaping juice. It’s also a good idea anyway as a high ohm rating coupled with high wattage can really take a toll on your device.

For starters, a good wattage setting would be in the 10–20 range. This is way below the norm for many vapers, but it’s usually better to start low anyway. However, do keep in mind that if you turn your wattage too low, you might not get a satisfying puff, if at all.

3 - Go for high nicotine content

Another way to save on vape juice is by simply going for the stronger ones. Choose juices that have high nicotine content, and you might find that you won’t be needing as many puffs. The idea is to make each puff as satisfying as possible, and this can be achieved by increasing the nicotine levels.

You can start at a nicotine content of 18mg/mL, but you can get vape juice that goes up as high as 36mg/mL.

Final words

These tips can help you reduce your vape juice consumption. All three tips listed will have a major effect on the overall vaping experience, so it’s best to try out different variations to see which combination of settings work best for you.

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