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3 Tips to Help You Convince Your Family to Start Vaping

Want to introduce vaping to your family who you believe will love this hobby? If so, then now's the time! With the holiday season right around the corner, this is an excellent excuse for you to get them interested in trying it out.

That said, you should bring up this topic well before the holidays even arrive. This will ensure that they can get on board with the idea in the first place and be willing to try.

If you are unsure about what you must do to introduce your family to vaping this coming holidays, here are a few tips to help you.

Find some common ground 

The best way to convince anyone to try anything is to find some common ground. In this case, look for reasons your family may want to try vaping. For example, someone in the house might be smoking marijuana for health reasons, or someone in your home is trying to quit smoking.

Either way, vaping can make things easier for them. For marijuana users, it can provide the associated benefits without the hazards of smoking. For those who want to quit smoking, vaping can provide the nicotine they need but at lower levels and without the other dangerous side-effects. 

Explain how vaping helps

If you want to introduce vaping to someone who might benefit from it, remember to carefully explain exactly how it can help them. Go over the advantages the hobby offers, and make sure to go into detail so that you can hold their attention.

Talk to them about the wonderful world of vaping and how different products can help them achieve different goals. You can also point out some of the amazing health benefits that some vape juices, like CBD oils, can offer.

If you have a vaporizer with you, let them try it out! Just be sure to set the settings appropriately. For example, if they smoke, you can set the device to produce a strong throat hit, or you can configure it for a milder experience for non-smokers.

Keep safety the priority

Once you finally convince them to try vaping, remember to run them through the important safety procedures that they should remember. Ensure they know how to operate the vape device correctly, and tell them what they must do to keep their device in good condition.

Also, do not forget to teach them about the proper etiquette of the hobby, like avoiding vaping in public transportation and so on. This will allow them to enjoy their vaping hobby without getting into any trouble.


If you think that your parents are too much of a "saint" to try anything that looks remotely illegal, remember that they are probably looking for fun things to try, too! Who knows—they might just be willing to discover new experiences, and you will never know unless you ask them first.

That said, remember to go over the advantages of the hobby, and be prepared for any questions they might have. If you want to convince them (or anyone else you know) to try vaping, you need to know your stuff so that you can, hopefully, enjoy the experience together. 

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