New to Vaping? Here are 4 Starter Questions Answered -

New to Vaping? Here are 4 Starter Questions Answered

People tend to exaggerate the skill ceiling of learning to vape, but they’re not wrong that it’s a lot to take in. Thankfully, acceptance towards the vaping community is becoming increasingly positive. This makes vaping more accessible to newcomers and shows a bright future for vaping to be a norm.

Choosing to be a vape can be a big leap for newcomers, so it’s best to stock up on as much information as you can. This handy guide will answer some of the internet’s most Frequently Asked Questions to help you decide if you’re ready to try vaping.

1. How Does Vaping Work?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour from an electric cigarette or vaping device. This is why it has similarities with smoke but delivers nicotine in a unique manner. Instead of herbs wrapped within a filter, vaping devices use e-juices that have a range of tinctures you can choose from. The vaping device uses a battery source to power heating elements to produce the vapour. The user then inhales in through a small mouthpiece.

2. What are Vaping Devices Made Of?

Vaping devices work within a complete system, with each component replaceable for a more sustainable habit. Besides replacing components like vape tanks and vape coils due to wear and tear, vapers also replace different parts to improve their build. This helps them create unique configurations that alter aspects like battery life and vape cloud volume with their vaping devices.

3. What are the Different Kinds of Vape Devices

The amount of power a vaping enthusiast uses in their vape mod will dictate the kind of vaping experience they have. This is divided into three categories separated into low, medium, and high power.

  1. Low power: Low power vaping devices don’t require much experience and are considered an entry-level choice for newcomers. Unless it’s a disposable e-cig, it usually comes with a small rechargeable battery for multiple puffs per session. Since it’s a small device, it’s easily pocketable.
  2. Medium power: Medium power vape mods have more complex battery settings, which are either replaceable or built-in. Although they’re pocketable, they’re significantly larger in size due to their higher power capacity.
  3. High power: vaping devices in this category usually are usually known as box mods with multiple replaceable batteries, which require regular maintenance. These bulkier builds are much heavier but offer the greatest level of customizability.

4. What Nicotine Strength Should I Start With?

If you used to be a smoker, you’d be more familiar with a vape juice that contains around six to twelve mg of nicotine content. This type works best for vaping devices with medium to low power settings. However, if you’re new to smoking or vaping altogether, it’s best to stick with lower nicotine below six mg, at higher power. Once you get used to stronger hits, you may try going for twelve to 60 mg vape juices that work best with lower power settings.


Now that you have more than the general information when it comes to vaping, you’ll be ready to face the challenge of taking it as a hobby. Since some things are better tested, you’ll learn a lot of things about vaping that only first-hand experience can give you. To point you in the right direction, the best way to have an enjoyable first step into the world of vaping is to buy the right products.

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