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5 Little-Known Facts About Vaping That Everyone Should Know

Everyone knows that cigarette smoking is dangerous to one's health. For this reason, tobacco smokers who want to improve their lifestyle resort to e-cigarettes, knowing that it is the better alternative. Ever since its introduction to the market, vapes became a popular product in the UK. Several myths and misconceptions about the product arise, and so did people's biases towards it.

Up to now, there are still a lot of facts that not all people know about vaping. If you are a vape user who wants to know upgrade your knowledge on the subject, it’s time to discover these lesser-known truths:

1. Vaping is not the "healthiest" alternative to tobacco smoking

Smokers switch to vaping because it is a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. While this claim is valid in some ways, it is not one hundred per cent correct. While vaping does usually involve less nicotine and lower concentrations of other lung cancer-causing chemicals, they still contain some potentially harmful ingredients.

Some sellers tag vaping as the safe way to smoke, but the truth is vaping is only less dangerous to your health. 

2. E-juice is not entirely made from water

People often assume that the majority of the components of an e-juice is water because of how it vapourises visibly in the air. The truth is it only has a little amount of water in it. E-juice is mostly made of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and the flavour concentrates. Together, they contain tiny particles that get suspended in the air, creating that massive vapour. Instead of water, what you are seeing is the chemical PG getting vaporised.

3. Mixing e-juice flavours can bring worse health effects

What makes vaping a more fun experience is having differently flavoured e-juice to experience. This flexibility sometimes drives people's curiosity. However, no matter how interested you are in finding how cinnamon, vanilla, and butter taste together, don’t mix without knowing what you’re doing. According to a study, those three are the most toxic e-juice flavouring for the body and combining them can harm your white blood cells.

Also, remember that vape's flavouring components are only safe for inhalation; never for ingestion.

4. Vaping can also be addictive

One advantage of an e-cigarette versus traditional cigarettes is how it contains less nicotine. Nicotine is popularly known as the main component of conventional cigarettes that causes addiction. While e-cigarettes have less nicotine, it does not make them non-addictive.

Unfortunately, nicotine is not the solely responsible chemical for making people addicted to smoking. During the combustion process in cigarettes, it releases thousands of chemicals, making it hard to determine the real cause of the addiction.

The good news is that users can control their nicotine level with e-cigarettes.

5. Vaping is not always a cheaper alternative to smoking

Some sellers also market vapes as a cheaper option for smokers. It can be a more inexpensive replacement, but everything still depends on the smoker. If you are an individual who can smoke five packs of cigarettes a day, vaping will indeed help you save more money. However, if you are a vaping enthusiast or you love collecting vaping essentials, then you will end up paying more.

Transitioning to vaping will require you a higher upfront cost, and you should know that you need to also pay for its maintenance and in purchasing e-juice in the UK. In general, though, average vape users spend less than average smokers. 


This list shows you that vaping is not the perfect alternative to tobacco smoking—but it is a better one. If you have your limits and are aware of how to maintain your habit in moderation, it can certainly be better than smoking a pack a day.

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