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8 Tools Every Vape-Modding Pro Needs to Have in Their Kit

Just because you vape a lot doesn’t mean that knowing how to build a vape comes naturally. Remember, knowledge is not passed down through some liquid. Instead, it comes through researching, practice, and plenty of patience. However, if there is one thing that sets a pro vape builder and a newbie apart in the scene would be the collection of tools for the hobby. That means that if you want to take your vape-building hobby seriously, then you need the right tools! 

What are those tools, you say? Well, here is a list just for you: 

1. Polish

If you work with plenty of metallic vapes such as brass and copper, you will need to keep them shiny, right? For that, you’ll need some polish. Of course, you will need a polishing cloth or anything of that sort to get to polishing your vape mods sparkling and new. 

2. Microfiber Cloth

You might be thinking that a roll of tissue paper will suffice, or that investing in a microfiber cloth is not necessary. Well, if you care at all about quality, you should definitely invest in a microfiber cloth, as these ensure that vape builds won’t get scratched. Plus, a microfiber cloth is extremely useful for soaking up juices and for polishing, making these tasks much quicker and simpler. 

3. Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you want the most thorough clean possible for your vape mods, buy an ultrasonic cleaner. An ultrasonic cleaner is essentially a basin of water strapped to a set of speakers, in which the sound waves rumble the water. When you put your vape parts into the water, the vibrating water thoroughly cleans your mod. 

Also, no matter how tempting it may seem, don’t go DIY-ing your ultrasonic cleaner. Purchase one instead. Not only are they much cooler to look at, but they will do the job way more effectively. 

4. Ruler

When you are cutting things for your vape, you always need to measure them beforehand. For this, you should grab yourself a steel ruler. If you cannot find any, a tape measure will suffice. Just make sure that the ruler is accurate.

5. Torch

If you’re handling wick mesh, you will need a high-quality torch. Look for one that contains quality butane, and do not ever opt for cheaper options. Cheap butane can cause your wick mesh to taste horrid, so save yourself the pain and spend a little more on quality butane. 

6. Wax

If you are polishing vape mods made from wood, you will need wax. Not only will it extend the lifetime of the wood, but it will help it look brand-new. 

7. Syringes

Whether it is for refilling your atomizers or mesh, a syringe is always handy, especially if you’ve got yourself a large bottle of vape juice. Not only will you be able to cleanly fill up your vape, but you’ll also be able to put in the exact amount you want. 

8. Screwdriver set

If there is one thing you must have, it would be a precision screwdriver set. With one by your side, no matter what vape mod you are working with, you will always have a screwdriver for the job. 


Apart from the items we have shared with you, there are many things that you can put to good use depending on your needs. For example, if you want to wrap coils, you can purchase some blank drill bits and wrap it around them! What you want to have in your arsenal will depend on what you are modding, but if you're going to be a pro at what you do, get yourself the things we've listed out for you.

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