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What You Need to Know About Changing Your Vape Coil

Want to make the most of the performance of your vape? Ensure that it's well-maintained, which also has the fringe benefit of helping you get full value for money. That said, when you walk into a vape shop, there are a lot of makes and models available. It can make certain maintenance aspects tricky, like the heating coil being changed out.

The Vape Coil’s Function

The coil of your device is meant to create vapour clouds from the e-liquid you use. It's in the atomiser of your device and wired straight to its battery. When the vape is turned on, the coil is activated instantly. It heats up quickly (exactly how fast depends on the coil wire type's resistance and gauge) to vaporise e-juice. That's how it gets to be inhaled into your lungs as you use your device. 

Almost all of the quality vape mods in the market have wattage settings that can vary. This means coil heat can increase, which brings more clouds. However, this also leads coils to burn out much faster than they normally would.

Frequent Change

There are no vape coils with a long lifespan. Your smartphone needs to be updated to work at optimum levels, right? Of course, it also needs to be charged as the battery gets used up, correct? The same goes for the vape pod or mod you own. When you change out your coils for fresh, new ones, the taste of your e-juice will improve. Cloud production will also see a boost, and the vape pod or mod will perform much better. 

The lifespan of a vape coil usually ranges from a week to four weeks (a month), depending on the frequency of use and nicotine dependence of the owner.


When a vape coil doesn't get changed out enough (or worse, at all), several problems could arise. A common one stems from 'chain vaping', leading to a single coil being used too much. 

Another possible factor is the coil not being primed. There will be a point of no return for the coil, and in that case, a burnt taste will manifest. This can also happen when vaping is happening at a wattage that's far too high. While more seasoned vapers are familiar with this occurrence, new vapers tend to find it shocking. As soon as you discover any sign of burnt coil, change it out immediately.


Given that the week- or month-long lifespan of a coil depends on several factors, there is no singular set time for changing them out. A lot of it has to do with being observant and, truthfully, common sense. People that do Sub-Ohm vaping, in particular, will need their coils changed often. This applies if you're looking for full flavours from e-juices that are 100% VG or are chasing 'clouds.’


The vape coil is a crucial part of any vape mod or pod. It is what converts e-liquid into vapour that gets inhaled. While it has a typical lifespan of one week to a month, the frequency of changing it out may be more often than that, depending on the use.

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