Smoke and Fancy: All You Need to Know About 'JUULing'

The Juul is a small, sleek, easy-to-use vape device that has become incredibly popular with people trying to quit smoking cigarettes. The Juul pods are filled with nicotine juice, which is turned into vapour by the Juul device when you take a puff. The Juul delivers a strong hit of nicotine, which is why many smokers find it so helpful in quitting cigarettes.

The Juul vape was created by two Stanford students in 2007 who wanted to find a way to help them both quit smoking cigarettes. It is a small, palm-sized vape that is discreet and fits in your pocket. It looks similar to a USB stick and can be charged in a USB port. The Juul was created to help people satisfy their cravings in the same way that cigarettes do. The vape uses replaceable Juul pods containing nicotine salt e-liquid, an alternative to freebase nicotine-based juices. Nic salts mimic the hit of smoking a real cigarette, making them a good choice for smokers trying to quit.

There are six different flavours of Juulpods to choose from, each providing around 200 puffs. The flavours are Royal Creme, Mango Nectar, Glacier Mint, Menthol, Golden Tobacco, and Apple Orchard. Juul vapes are now produced by Juul Labs, a subsidiary of Pax Labs. Juul Labs is having difficulty meeting the high demand for Juulpods due to the popularity of the brand.

When asked about it, the company said that its mission is to "get people to stop smoking cigarettes by offering them a Juul as an alternative." Juuling is vaping with a Juul kit, which is a discreet and economical way to get relief from nicotine cravings.

A Kit Worth Mentioning

The JUUL Starter kit comes with four JUULpods in classic tobacco, Virginia tobacco, mint, and mango flavours. The JUUL is a closed-system device, meaning that the only JUULpods that can be used with it are the ones that are made specifically for the JUUL. JUULpods are filled with 0.7mL of nicotine salt e-liquid, which is equivalent to around 20 cigarettes. Each JUULpod should last around 200 puffs before it needs to be replaced.

First, remove the empty pod from the device to change a JUUL pod. Then, click a new pod into place. Using it for the first time, remove the pod from its outer packaging and dispose the coloured protective cap. You are now ready to insert the pod into the top of the device and begin vaping.

The JUUL Smarter with the JUUL C1 Starter Kit and App

The JUUL C1 is a new device from JUUL that is more user-friendly with a new app for modern phones. It can be paired with the JUUL app to access features like Locate Your JUUL and Secure Your Device. This new JUUL is also compatible with regular Juul Pods.


It is evident that there is a lot of misinformation about JUULing. JUULing is not smoking and does not produce any tar or other harmful chemicals. JUULing is not addictive and is actually less harmful than smoking cigarettes. JUULing is a great alternative for smokers who are looking to quit smoking and is a great way to reduce the harmful effects of smoking.

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