Everything You Need to Know About Mouth-To-Lung Vaping

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes in recent years. It involves inhaling vapour from an electronic device that heats a liquid instead of smoke from burning tobacco. While vaping is not entirely risk-free, it is generally considered a much safer option than smoking traditional cigarettes. For this reason, many people take up vaping, especially those who want to quit cigarettes.

For most beginners, vaping can be overwhelming because it's not as simple as using a cigarette. More specifically, mouth-to-lung vaping is not something most people, or even vapers, know about because it's a technique that requires practice and understanding. For this reason, we will discuss the details in this article.

How Mouth-To-Lung Vaping Works

When you vape, you take vapour into your mouth and breathe it into your lungs. This is called mouth-to-lung vaping and can provide a throat hit like smoking a cigarette. It can also give the user a satisfying nicotine hit.

Beginner vape pens and pod kits are designed to give you a similar experience to smoking a cigarette. They have features that enable you to take longer draws, just like when smoking, and the nicotine level is adjustable to give you the same throat hit. The type of e-liquid you use also plays a part in replicating the smoking experience.

How the Airflow Works

When using a vaping device, the air is sucked through small openings and funnelled through the narrow centre of the coil. This airflow picks up the vaporised e-liquid and creates a restricted draw, which is ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping. Some kits offer an adjustable airflow, meaning you can choose the tightness of your draw. The mouthpiece is designed to give you the same experience as smoking a cigarette. Vape pen options are available if you’re looking for a more traditional cigarette shape.

The Importance of the Vape Coil

The coil is part of the vaping device that turns e-liquid into a vapour. It is a tiny metal tube with a metal mesh or coil wound with a layer of cotton inside. When you turn on the device, the coil is heated, and the cotton absorbs the e-liquid, creating the vapour. Each coil usually lasts about a week and comes in packs of three or five. For Mouth-To-Lung inhalation, there are MTL coils with a thinner centre for the airflow and a higher resistance, meaning they can only handle a certain amount of power when activated.

The resistance of coils is measured in Ohms; the lower the Ohm number, the more power can pass through, resulting in a warmer and more airy vape. If the Ohm number is higher, less power can pass through, creating a tighter and more discreet vapour volume. Most mouth-to-lung coils range from 0.8ohm to 1.5ohm, allowing you to discover what kind of vape you prefer.

Choosing a Battery for Mouth-To-Lung Vaping

The battery capacity inside vape devices can range from 250mAh up to 1800mAh. This is much less than the average mobile phone battery, typically between 3000 - 5000mAh. If you use an MTL vape kit, a 500mAh battery should last you through the day, although this depends on how much you use it. Some of the newest vape devices feature USB Type-C charging to ensure you can quickly get back up and running.

An MTL starter kit typically produces between 9 and 28 watts of power. Some kits allow you to adjust the power level, while others have a fixed power setting or depend on the type of coil you use.

Choosing the Best Juices for Mouth-To-Lung Vaping

The ideal juices for mouth-to-lung vaping have a 50-50 consistency, which refers to the proportion of the two primary components, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine), and indicates the liquid's thickness. 50-50 freebase e-liquids are thin and can be easily vaporised by the lower power output of MTL starter kits. These are called freebase e-liquids because they contain nicotine with a higher pH value, providing a potent throat hit. They are available in nicotine strengths of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg. The throat hit can be harsh when using more than 6mg of freebase nicotine.

If you're an experienced smoker, you'll require sufficient nicotine to guarantee a successful transition, and nicotine salts are the ideal solution. They have the same 50-50 composition as freebase nicotine but are combined with lower pH nicotine. This results in a satisfying and gentle throat hit at concentrations of 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg. Additionally, nicotine salts are absorbed faster than freebase nicotine, making them perfect for those with strong smoking addictions.


Mouth-to-lung vaping can elevate your experience if you know how to do it correctly. For this reason, your vape must use the right attachments ande-liquids to ensure a smooth and enjoyable MTL vaping session. This way, your vaping experience will be more satisfying and tailored to your preferences.

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