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Changing Coil in Vape Pens: How Often Should You Do This?

Regular vape maintenance is one of the most important strategies to lengthen the lifespan of your equipment.

Making sure your coils and batteries (among other vape kits in the UK) are performing at their peak is the focus of the two main aspects of vape maintenance.

Today, we'll focus on the former.

Coil maintenance is generally the same as any other sort of maintenance, whether for a lawnmower, hedge trimmer, car, bike, or anything else. This criterion, which indicates that the frequency of maintenance depends on the frequency of usage, does not apply to vape devices.

In other words, the frequency of coil replacement depends on your vaping habits. Chain vapers who puff continuously throughout the day will need more coil adjustments than someone who uses their vape equipment occasionally for a quick hit.

But there are also other elements.

Additionally, e-juice selection is important. VG-based e-liquids tend to wear out wicks more quickly than e-liquids with a more harmonious PG/VG ratio.

The type of electronic cigarette or power source you're using will also affect how often you change your coils. Simple logic dictates that, when using a variable voltage mod, the coil will deteriorate more quickly if the power is frequently increased.

The Benefit of Changing Coils

Before we address the question of how regularly to do so, let's first discuss why changing the coils in vape pens is essential.

The wick on your coil will first burn off, giving your vape juice a burnt flavour. The second sign that a modification has to be made is when the vapour starts to taste hot and dry.

One of the reasons for juice leakage is a dead coil. The liquid will leak into the battery and burn it beyond repair if you don't take immediate action.

Much less frequently than the actual device, coils need to be changed. This is how routine maintenance is done. You are taking good care of your vaporiser by changing the coil as necessary because coils do not last indefinitely.

It's good to keep a few extra coils on hand if you regularly vape because it's a good habit to switch them out occasionally. If you don't have extras, you can buy one from a vape shop. 

How Often Should the Coil on a Vape Device Be Changed?

The main concern is how often vape device coils should be replaced.

Nevertheless, depending on those three variables—your vaping routine, your e-liquid selection, and the type of device you're currently using—these symptoms will appear at various times.

For a Regular Vaper

A heavy vaper smokes regularly. If you vape frequently, your coils will typically fail every 5 to 7 days.

You might therefore need to replace your coils once every week.

If this is you, it could be a good idea to designate a "vape maintenance day" during the week to perform minor repairs on your gear (s). Whatever day of the week—Thursday, Sunday, or Monday—works best for you. It's best to set aside a few minutes each week.

For Casual or Sporadic Vapers

A typical vaper is a moderate smoker; although they might not chain smoke, they might smoke daily. A moderate vaper should replace their coils every two weeks.

Because there is less pressure on the coil, light or infrequent vapers can change it every three to four weeks.


The following guidance can assist you in keeping your equipment in good condition.

One is that before changing your coil, you should always remember to prime it with e-liquid. The wicking material is primed by being injected with e-juice before being used for the first time.

As a result, the juice can move from the tank to the coil more readily, and the wick may absorb the e-liquid more evenly. It guarantees that your coils will last longer by keeping them from burning much faster.

Remember to keep your tank full and prevent the juice from getting dangerously low. The coil is covered with water before use to stop it from burning out too quickly. Lastly, if you need any vape kits, check an online vape shop in the UK. 

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