How Cigarette Smoking Can Affect the Environment -

How Cigarette Smoking Can Affect the Environment

With climate change full speed ahead, it’s crucial to be more aware of how you affect the environment! Of course, you can’t single-handedly save the environment and stop global warming, but living more sustainably and switching to environmentally-friendly alternatives will go a long way.

If you’ve been smoking for some time, then you know that it’s harmful to your health. However, not many are aware that besides harming your health, it can also damage the environment! Rather than only affecting your overall wellness, smoking cigarettes can also affect the rest of the world.

The Environmental Impact of Cigarettes

Smoking is addicting! No matter how much the adverse health effects of tobacco are publicised, the number of smokers in the world continues to rise. With about 6.9 million adult cigarette smokers in the United Kingdom, we are far from eradicating the smoking crisis.

Cigarette smoking’s impact on the environment has long been common knowledge—children are taught that smoking can cause heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and death from a young age. However, smoking can also negatively impact the environment.

Here are a few of the many ways cigarettes can harm the environment:

1. Cigarette Butts Contribute to Pollution

Not many notice them, but cigarette butts are everywhere! Since they’re virtually non-biodegradable, cigarette butts sit around for ten to twelve years before breaking down. 

With the average smoker throwing away thousands of cigarette butts yearly, one can only imagine the mountain of waste it has accumulated. However, thanks to vaping, the number of cigarette butts has decreased! 

Since the tools needed to vape can be reused, you get to produce less waste than before. The more people vape, the fewer cigarette butts there are on the streets!

2. Cigarette Production Causes Deforestation

Buying even one pack of cigarettes can have a significant impact on the environment. Whether or not you’re a light smoker, you’re contributing to the increased number of trees being cut down. When the absence of trees becomes greater, the amounts of carbon dioxide will increase, and oxygen will decrease.

3. Smoking Contributes to Climate Change

The world needs to reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere! Unfortunately, tobacco companies contribute to the high levels of CO2, directly impacting our vulnerable atmosphere and contributing to climate change. 

By buying cigarettes, you would be supporting the harmful acts of cigarette manufacturing companies!

An Alternative to Cigarette Smoking

The great thing about living in today’s society is that there are many environmentally-friendly alternatives that you can choose from! Just because you care about the environment doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to smoke again. With a vape, you can have the same—or even a better—experience when you smoke.

Although you’ll have to make a few sacrifices, you can still enjoy life and perhaps even find joys that you wouldn’t have discovered if you stuck with using products that harm the environment! Switching to sustainable and environmentally friendly is not dull—it can even help you have a happier life than before.


Helping save the planet doesn’t have to be complicated! Although making the switch to vaping may require some adjustment, you’re sure to enjoy the experience without the guilt of contributing to pollution, deforestation or climate change. As long as you source your vaping needs from a reputable vape shop, you’ll be able to have a satisfying vaping experience!

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