Classic vs. E-Cigarettes: How Much Nicotine Does Your Body Absorb -

Classic vs. E-Cigarettes: How Much Nicotine Does Your Body Absorb

Nicotine is the addictive substance found in what you smoke. It's present in the classic cigarette, the vape pen, and the wax pen people use now. It is a stimulant that may have positive effects on people's moods and bodies, but it can be addictive. If you're a smoker curious to know how much nicotine your body absorbs each time you smoke, this article will try to give you an estimate for better understanding.

Why Nicotine Is Addictive

Nicotine is a very harmful substance that is found in different types of cigarettes, but it's also the reason people want to keep their habit up. Here is why people crave nicotine from time to time:

  • It decreases one’s appetite, therefore keeping weight in check
  • It helps release plenty of endorphins
  • It improves one's mood and makes one happier
  • It boosts one's digestive system
  • It satisfies a craving

When your body feels good after smoking or getting exposed to nicotine, you begin to crave it and build a dependency on this chemical. The craving gets more intense the longer you stop smoking or ingesting the substance.

The Different Levels of Nicotine in Your Cigarette

Not all cigarettes are the same, though. Cigarettes have different levels of stimulant content depending on their categories. Light cigarettes contain an average of six milligrams of nicotine, medium cigarettes have 12 milligrams, strong cigarettes have 18 milligrams, and extra strong cigarettes have 24 milligrams.

These are only average levels. Nicotine content differs depending on cigarette brands and how they were made. More expensive cigarette brands tend to have more nicotine than cheaper brands.

How Much Nicotine Does Your Body Absorb

If you smoke a light cigarette, it does not mean that your body will absorb all the 12 milligrams of nicotine in the stick. Your body does absorb some of the substance into your bloodstream, but you exhale most of it. Whether you smoke a classic cigarette or an e-cigarette, you're more likely to absorb a mere 10 percent of its substance.

For example, if you smoke a light cigarette with 12 milligrams of nicotine, you'll probably get only one milligram of the substance for that one stick. If you're using a vaporizer pen, extra strong with 24 milligrams of nicotine, you'll more likely absorb around two milligrams per unit.

Again, this is just the estimated amount of nicotine absorbed based on the average, classic cigarette. Cases would differ based on the brand, strength, and type. How frequently you smoke, how far you puff, what kind of cigarette you use, and how many you finish in a sitting also affects the amount of nicotine absorbed, making it difficult to gauge the exact quantity.

How Nicotine Affects Your Body

The  effects of nicotine listed above are what the average person usually experiences, but similar to the nicotine amount, the impact of the substance also depends on several factors:

  • Bodyweight
  • Smoking duration
  • Types of cigarettes
  • Tolerance to nicotine
  • Overall health factors

Nicotine Content of an E-Cigarette

How does an e-cigarette differ from a classic cigarette? In general, an e-cigarette  still contains nicotine, but it only has from 10 to 15 milligrams per cartridge.

If we follow the computation above, your body will  absorb 10 percent of the substance, which means your body will absorb one milligram of nicotine per unit. What makes it different from a cigarette is that besides nicotine, your e-cigarette does not have other harmful chemicals such as tar and ammonia.

Transitioning to E-cigarettes for Fewer Health Risks

When it comes to nicotine levels, there's no definite answer for every type out there. Many factors affect a cigarette's level of the substance. It's not only about how it is made, but it also depends on your intake, the environment you're smoking in, and the type of cigarette you use.

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