Doing Sub Ohm Vaping? Here Are Necessary Tips for Safety! -

Doing Sub Ohm Vaping? Here Are Necessary Tips for Safety!

Sub ohm vaping is quickly growing more popular these days. So much so, in fact, that it drove advancements in technology that allowed for the creation of smaller tanks and pre-made coils. Before this, it was necessary to dismantle the utilitarian torch to build coils. Other advancements included larger batteries and ergonomic, magnetic battery covers. The earliest vape pens were large, clunky, and unreliable but evolved into the sleek devices seen on the market today.

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

When electricity is pushed through a conductor, such as a wire, it meets resistance. This resistance is measured in Ohms, which is the degree to which the conductor slows the movement of the electricity. When the resistance of a coil is under one Ohm, it is capable of pushing electricity through it at a higher rate. More specifically, coils with a resistance of less than 1 Ohm are capable of pushing electricity faster than coils with more resistance. 

Today, batteries that are capable of pushing electricity more quickly are readily available for purchase. As a result, it has become popular for people to purchase high-powered coil systems which use this technology and have a low resistance. 

Read on to learn more about necessary tips for sub ohm safety:

Pay extra attention to the vape batteries

This one is the most straightforward one of them all:

  • Check the battery's condition regularly.
  • Never have batteries just sitting loosely in your pocket.
  • Use the proper batteries every time.

Regulated mods is the only kind that new sub ohm vapers should use

Beginners should stay with the safest possible option as they explore sub-ohming: a regulated box mod. It's not just for newbies, however: even intermediate vapers are into it. No matter what the resistance level is, it's easy to adjust the coil wattage on these mods. Electric shorts are prevented by the very circuitry of these mods. They have a number of safety measures just like that built-in.

Caution is still necessary and having a quality mod is vital. Accidents and malfunction are still a possibility, especially with electronics.

Stay aware when mechanical mods are in use

Vapers with much more experience tend to use mechanical mods. Unlike regulated mods, which use circuits that can be adjusted for wattage or voltage, mechanical mods do not have this feature. This makes them more dangerous because you cannot control many of the factors that contribute to the proper functioning of the device. For example, when a battery becomes weak, voltage and/or wattage (which are both based on voltage) will fluctuate as well. Also, mod batteries tend to be smaller than regulated mod batteries. 

Since smaller batteries last for less time than larger ones, mechanical mods require a lot more attention in order to ensure that they are safe to use at all times. 


Sub ohm vaping has become more popular over the last couple of years. It's basically all about a high-powered coil with a rather low resistance. Keep safe by paying close attention to the vape battery, staying aware when mechanical mods are in use and having beginners stick to regulated mods.

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