The Effect of Vaping with Nicotine on the Quality of Your Sleep -

The Effect of Vaping with Nicotine on the Quality of Your Sleep

Vaping is fun! Smoking a cigarette may have been the best way of consuming nicotine, but the experience of inhaling the vaporised eJuice of your choice is incomparable! Whether you’re trying to kick your smoking habit or trying new things, you’re sure to enjoy vaping as long as you know how to use and maintain your devices.

As a safer alternative than smoking, vaping offers several benefits that smoking can’t! Since vaping is at least 95% less harmful, you’ll be able to avoid the long-term health damage from smoking and have improved lung and heart function. Besides the health benefits, you’ll also have complete control over your nicotine dosage, as it’s available in different strengths.

When you compare smoking and vaping, the latter is the winner, isn’t it? However, although vaping is less harmful than smoking, it doesn’t automatically mean that vaping doesn’t have risks or cause side effects. On the contrary, some people have reported that they’ve felt more tired after vaping.

On Vaping and Sleep

Sleep is crucial to having a good life! One sleepless night can be the difference between a good day and a bad one—it can even mess up your whole routine for the week! Given the importance of a good night’s rest, you must avoid what could impact your sleep or make you toss and turn at night.

Most often, the weather, your sleeping environment, and your thoughts could keep you up at night. But sometimes, what’s keeping you awake could be your habits before you sleep, such as scrolling on your phone, drinking coffee, and vaping.

If you’ve been vaping with nicotine, this may be what’s been preventing you from sleeping soundly and what causes you to feel exhausted when you wake up. Although nicotine can make you feel relaxed when you take it, your mind will have a challenging time switching off because it’s become familiarised with your nightly routine of vaping before bed. As a result, you may develop sleep apnoea.

How Sleep Apnoea Is Linked to Vaping

Sleep apnoea is a sleeping disorder that happens when a person’s breathing is interrupted during their sleep. Individuals with untreated sleep apnoea may stop breathing in their sleep, wake up frequently, snore loudly, and choke or gasp for breath. 

Since sleep apnoea prevents you from breathing well during your sleep, you may feel more tired throughout the next day, severely impacting your daily life. If untreated, sleep apnoea can pose a severe threat to one’s life!

Sleep apnoea may be caused by several factors: consuming alcohol before sleep, taking sleeping pills, and smoking cigarettes. We’re still years away from knowing the full impact of nicotine from vaping on man’s sleep patterns. Still, we know that nicotine is a likely cause of sleep apnoea—it could lead to upper airway inflammation and relax the muscular airways of the neural reflexes.


Just like how you shouldn’t drink caffeine, stare at your phone, or eat sugary foods before you sleep, we suggest avoiding vaping with nicotine when you’re about to go to bed. If you need to vape with nicotine, make sure to use an eJuice with a lower amount during the day. Once you feel you can go nicotine-free, vape with our 50FIFTY50 Unflavoured Shortfill eJuice without a nic shot so that your body and mind can fully relax while you sleep!

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