Safety Essentials You Need to Remember When Vaping -

Safety Essentials You Need to Remember When Vaping

Vaping is pretty easy to pick up, which is arguably why it has become one of the most popular hobbies and alternatives to smoking. That said, it still makes use of devices and vapour that need to be handled with some care. To truly enjoy vaping worry-free, make sure you know everything about doing it safely. 

Be Careful About Your Battery Discharge

There are so many vape kits in the UK, so you really have a wide range of choices. Of course, this also means that there are different considerations to make depending on the type of kit you have. For instance, a regulated mod will likely be less worrisome than a mod that you’ll be replacing coils and batteries on.

In general, though, you need to be careful about the batteries because lithium-ion can explode if not properly discharged. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your build’s discharge rate is never greater than the max discharge rating of the battery.

Don’t Store Your Batteries with Other Things

Never fling your battery in some bag or pocket where you may expose it to things like keys, change, and other items that could cause a spark. Avoid flames by using a battery case.

Be Careful about Overheating and Venting

If your device is hot to the touch, let it rest. Otherwise, it will start venting and that will affect the performance of the mod. On top of producing unwanted gasses, it puts your device at risk of exploding.

If overheating still happens despite leaving it in a cool place, it may be time to replace the batteries or get a new mod.

Make Sure Your E-Liquids Are Stored Securely

E-liquids are, by nature, safe for consumption with the right usage. More than avoiding a mess because of spilt juice, you want to store your juice properly so that it can’t be reached by pets or children. This is especially important when your juice has nicotine content, as consuming it directly at a high dosage can be extremely poisonous.

Don’t Leave Your Mod in the Sun or Any Hot Spaces

Extreme and prolonged heat exposure will damage your mod and batteries. It also puts your batteries at risk of an overheat-induced explosion. This is why you’ll find that any decent vape shop will be mindful of the ambient temperature of the space and their vape storage.

Don’t Overcharge

Be alert about how long you charge your batteries or kits. If you overcharge your battery, it will start venting and potentially, again, ka-boom.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Extended vaping will inevitably dehydrate you. Make sure you always consume enough liquids when you vape.

Always Check Your Mods for Errors

Although some issues can easily be fixed, be wary of kits that keep glitching out. It can be very dangerous to keep a faulty mod, so it’s best to bring this to a shop for checking or replacement.

Only Use Properly Wrapped Batteries

Without secure wraps around them, your batteries will simply short out. Make sure they are not peeling or ripping when in use.


As long as you stick to these safety precautions, you should be able to enjoy vaping with ease. There are many types of kits out there to match any skill level and preference. Once you find the kit that works for you, you can start exploring different flavours so you can get the best vape experience.

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