A Comprehensive Explainer When It Comes to E-liquid Part 2

In the previous blog, we started in on the very basics of e-liquid. The comprehensive data continues below:

PG/VG Ratio

This can easily be found on the side of an eliquid bottle: 50/50, 70/30 and quite a few more. This plays a major role when it comes to vaping.

  • Higher PG ratio - The throat hit is much stronger to this end. Transitioning smokers prefer this more than most. It's possible to have high PG without a hit that's too intensive.
  • Higher VG ratio - People that are into thick, dense vapour for bigger clouds will go a long way. While the throat hit isn't as intense, the resulting clouds more than make up for it.

VG clouds can be made the most of for people who are particularly into clouds. On the other hand, an intense throat hit can happen when it's flipped on its head. Sometimes, the choice is dictated by the available devices:

  1. Mouth to Lung (MTL) Kits - Using these will lead to higher PG in the long run. These are the kids that end up imitating the sensation of smoking.
  2. Sub-Ohm Tanks - When these are in use, higher VG will make both flavour and the resulting clouds much more powerful.

Nicotine Is Optional For E-Liquids

E-liquid does not have to come with nicotine, an addictive chemical. The choice is up to you, though. Nicotine is at the core of many E-liquid recipes.

Though it has been suspected of causing certain types of cancer, this has yet to be proven. Rather, it is addictive and has a stimulating effect on the brain. Be sure to note that nicotine is not the only active ingredient in E-liquids. If a doctor tells you that your cancer was caused by nicotine, politely ask for a second opinion.

There are a number of ways to get nicotine in e-liquid, such as:

  • Buying e-liquids that already have nicotine mixed in the solution
  • Buying e-liquids that are without nicotine, then mixing nic shots in down the line

Alternatively, vaping at 0% nicotine can also be done quite easily.

What Are the Top 3 Types of E-Liquid?

  • Freebase Nicotine - This is the traditional nicotine form; chemically, its at the very purest. When heated, it's a lot more potent. Philip Morris Tobacco discovered this back in the 1950s, along with the fact that pH levels can be adjusted for a better kick.
  • Nic Salts - Short for "nicotine salts," these are essentially the crystal salts found naturally in tobacco leaf plants. There's a stronger rush and quicker nicotine delivery to this. Instead of the build-up route, the bloodstream absorbs it fast. 
  • Pod E-Liquids - The most all-in-one, hassle-free route to vaping is through pod kits. They're disposable, incredibly portable and do well for nic salts. They come with e-liquids that are refillable and/or pre-filled.


E-liquid relies a lot on several factors, such as the PG/VG ratio. Devices play a role in e-liquid options; mainly Sub-ohm tanks and Mouth to Lung (MTL) kits, both of which cater to varying preferences. Nicotine, on the other hand, is entirely optional.

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