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Facts You Need to Know About Vape Battery Care and Habits

Vaping has reached new levels of popularity as kits become more accessible, easier to use, and more affordable. You can also enjoy so many more types of e-juice variations that suit different flavour preferences. We have also reached a point where you can get juice that doesn't contain any nicotine.

Of course, if you're looking to get into vaping, you need to know about taking care of the battery correctly. Not only will proper usage make it last longer, but there are also some risks you face when using a bad battery.

Vape Batteries Will Have to Be Replaced Eventually

Like any electronic device, e-cigarettes require batteries to be changed and maintained. They won't last you forever.

In general, you can expect batteries to provide around 250 cycles. Although you can sometimes extend this to twice that amount, that may lead to a lower discharge rate and risks. It really depends on how frequently you vape.

Improper Use Can Wear Out a Battery

You can also hasten the deterioration of a battery through improper use. Vaping while charging, using the wrong vape, using your device beyond the manufacturer's specifications, and storing your device in hot temperatures exposed to constant light are some of the biggest no-nos.

Bad Batteries Can Cause an Explosion

Bad batteries aren't just a hassle to deal with. More than bogging down your vaping experience, it can be an actual danger to you and your surroundings.

The risk of a battery exploding is one of the biggest concerns for vapers. This is why batteries need to be checked and inspected regularly. Only then will you know if it's still going to work properly.

It is Dangerous to Overcharge Your Battery

Many vapers keep their batteries charged all the time. This can be a problem, as excessive charging can damage the battery and make it overheat. It can lead to a painful experience to the touch and when you inhale.

More importantly, overcharging can also lead to explosions and fires. The last thing you want to do is leave your vape charging throughout the night. Even if quality batteries nowadays are made with built-in security measures, they are still prone to implosion if they start supplying more power than intended.

There Are Signs That Can Tell You if Your Battery is Bad

Reading this may make you feel nervous and like you have a ticking time bomb, but you shouldn't worry too much. After all, there are definitive signs that can tell you a battery has gone sideways.

If it loses charge too quickly (low battery in just a few hours), gets too hot, exceeds a year of continued use, takes either too long or suspiciously fast to reach max capacity, or has visible signs of wear on its coating and parts, then it is time to ditch it for a new one.


Next time you start perusing through your favourite vape shop, keep these reminders in your mind. It can help you figure out what you need. Make sure you take good care of your batteries to get the performance possible from your vape.

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