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A Simple Guide On How To Clean Your Concentrate Vape Pen

Are you trying to clean your concentrate vape pen? Well, we know that it can be challenging, especially if you have no clue what you're doing. Fortunately, you're reading this article today, and we're here to help!

Let's guide you through your concentrate vape pen cleaning activity. Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Disassemble The Pen

First, you need to take apart your pen. To do this, remove the mouthpiece and the heating chamber. Also, remove the battery. 

Once everything is apart from each other, you can get started with basic cleaning by rubbing the parts with a Q-tip. A clean cotton swab can also help you do so to get rid of obvious gunks.

If you are having trouble removing certain visible gunk, you can make a solution of lemon juice and water to clean them.

2. Concentrate On The Mouthpiece

With the basic cleaning done, let's focus on the mouthpiece.

With the mouthpiece removed, give it a good clean with a Q-tip. In this specific piece, try and avoid using alcohol, as you wouldn't want residue to be left that can affect your vaping experience.

3. Move To The Tank

If the tank is filled, be sure to empty it first. Otherwise, it is going to hamper your ability to clean the tank thoroughly.

Once the tank is empty, go ahead and use a Q-tip to remove any particles of dried concentrate. At the same time, go ahead and clean the heating chamber to ensure the coil is perfectly clean as well.

If you want an effective way to clean the tank, you can fill it up with alcohol and then follow with water. This helps to remove as much residue as possible while eliminating any bacteria that may be present.

4. Clean The Chamber

To clean the chamber (vapour chamber), the first thing to do is to fill it up with water. The water should help dislodge any oils or residue. 

After that, empty the chamber with gravity, and use a Q-tip that's dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the inside of the vape pen thoroughly.

If you're dealing with a wax-like concentrate, you can do the same. The purpose of the alcohol and water is to sterilise the vaporiser.

5. Reassemble

Now that you've reached this point, you're essentially done. Remember to go back to the different parts and check them again for any leftover residue you may have missed to clean them. Once that's done, go ahead and reassemble your concentrate vape pen for a wonderful experience!


As you can see, the steps are quite simple. Put simply, all you're doing is disassembling the pen and cleaning every nook and cranny with a Q-tip and some alcohol. That said, don't forget that you'll need to be doing this once every two weeks or so. This way, you eliminate any possible gunk that can hamper the vaping experience, and you can also get rid of any bacteria that may build up in your vape pen due to prolonged use. Also, to ensure your vape pen stays clean, don't forget to keep it in a case or a place that's safe from the outside environment. That way, it can stay in a protected environment for as long as possible until you need to take another drag!

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