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A Step-By-Step Guide to Rewrapping a Vape: 18650 Battery

Vape batteries are an essential part of any vaping setup, and they require proper maintenance to ensure their longevity and optimum performance. One of the aspects of maintaining a vape battery is to re-wrap it. Vape battery rewrapping replaces the outer layer to protect it from damage, scratches, and tears.

Here is how to rewrap a vape battery or 18650 battery wrapping.

Why Rewrap a Vape Battery?

A vape battery's wrap serves as a protective layer to prevent the battery from short-circuiting and also protects the battery from scratches and tears. Over time, these wraps can become damaged; when that happens, the battery's performance and safety can be compromised. Rewrapping your vape battery is essential to maintain its performance and ensure your safety during vaping.

What Do You Need to Rewrap a Vape Battery?

Re-wrapping a vape battery is simple; you only need a few tools and supplies.

  1. A new battery wrap
  2. Scissors
  3. A hairdryer or a heat gun
  4. Tweezers or pliers
  5. A flat surface

Step-by-Step Guide to Rewrap a Vape Battery

Step 1: Remove the Old Wrap

The first step in re-wrapping a vape battery is to remove the old wrap. You can do this using scissors to cut the old wrap off the battery. Be careful not to damage the battery's positive and negative terminals.

Step 2: Cut the New Wrap

Once you have removed the old wrap, the next step is to cut the new wrap to the appropriate size. The new wrap should be slightly longer than the battery to accommodate the top and bottom edges slightly longer than the battery.

Step 3: Wrap the New Wrap Around the Battery

Once you have cut the new wrap, the next step is to wrap it around the battery. Ensure the wrap is centred and the top and bottom edges are aligned with the battery's positive and negative terminals.

Step 4: Use a Hairdryer or Heat Gun to Shrink the Wrap

Next, use a hairdryer or heat gun to shrink the wrap. Hold the heat source about 2-3 inches from the battery and move it around the wrap in a circular motion. The heat will cause the wrap to shrink and conform to the battery's shape.

Step 5: Use Tweezers or Pliers to Tighten the Edges

After shrinking the wrap, use tweezers or pliers to tighten the top and bottom edges of the wrap. This will ensure the wrap is securely attached to the battery, preventing it from sliding or peeling off.

Step 6: Trim the Excess Wrap

Finally, use scissors to trim any excess wrap from the top and bottom edges of the battery. Make sure that the terminals are still visible and accessible.


Re-wrapping a vape battery is a simple and easy process that can significantly improve the battery's performance and safety. Following the steps outlined above, you can re-wrap your vape battery in just a few minutes. Remember that it's essential to rewrap your battery when the old wrap is damaged or worn out to ensure your safety when vaping.

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