How Often Should You Wick Your Pod Coil? Our Guide -

How Often Should You Wick Your Pod Coil? Our Guide

If you’re a seasoned vaper who has been puffing smoke for a while now, you’ve likely found your way around the different tasks and details that you need to take care of. Regardless if you’re vaping for flavour, living for making thick clouds, or trying to kick the bucket on a smoking habit, you’ve done enough maintenance work by now to know that vaping isn’t just taking a hit repeatedly.

From pod systems and simple “pipe” set-ups to full-blown mods and long-lasting box mod-attys, the need for proper maintenance work is something that will always be present if you want the best results. By now, you’ve probably picked up a regular routine of cleaning your tank out, testing your batteries, following charge schedules, and even rotating mods to avoid the possibility of overuse! However, as you go through all the different parts of the vaping experience and commit to full-blown maintenance, you will find yourself asking one question: “How often should I wick my pod coil?”

Why it’s important to know the answer

To anyone using sub-ohm vape coils for their set-ups, the topic of wicking frequency is something that comes up a lot because of how instrumental it is to the overall quality of a vaping experience. Although set-ups can evolve and innovate as manufacturers continue to put out new products in the UK market, the need for regular wicking still remains. 

So, what’s the answer?

Generally, there’s no set “golden rule” or “magic frequency” that applies to every vaper when it comes to determining how often a coil should be wicked. Seeing that determining the time to insert a new wick itself is something that is affected by many factors, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific frequency that everyone enjoys.

In fact, this is often the case with traditional vaping set-ups, but it definitely isn’t something that applies to sub-ohm vape coils. When it comes to dealing with the type of coil mentioned above, the answer to the question of “how often should I wick” is rather simple. Although there are many different points to watch out for, here are six specific events signalling that it’s time to get your coil wicked ASAP:

  1. When the wick isn’t performing as well as it used to
  2. When a month or two has passed (if you’re a heavy vaper who uses a higher wattage for your set-up)
  3. When three or four months have passed (if you’re a light vaper who enjoys lower wattages)
  4. When you’re beginning to hear gurgling noises every time you take a hit
  5. When you’re experiencing stuttering or unpredictable streams of vapour that are too strong or too weak (and rarely just right)
  6. When you’re getting strong, uncontrollable inhale that is similar to a dry hit that’s too unbearable

Once you’ve spotted any of the six signs mentioned above, your best bet is to get a new wick from V8PR and replace it all right away so that you can get back to having excellent vaping experiences. If you’re not entirely familiar with wicking your pod coil or sub-ohm tank coil, then be sure to read the manual first so that you know what to buy and how you should perform the replacement after!


While there are many maintenance-related tasks that you’ll need to deal with when you maintain your vape, one of the most vital factors worth looking into is your wicking frequency. Through this guide’s help, you can quickly determine just how often you should swap your wicks and be mindful of any other factors worth taking care of!

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