How to  Fix and Avoid Leaking Vape -

How to Fix and Avoid Leaking Vape

Because you constantly experience leaking, spitting, or popping with your vape tank, you might think that it's normal and just part of vaping. Well, it is not. These are issues that can be addressed and avoided. It doesn't matter if you're using a regular vape tank, a rebuildable atomiser, or a pod vape; by following the tips V8PR shares in this post, you'll be able to avoid them or keep them to a minimum: 

What Leaking Is

Leaking occurs when e-juice finds its way out of the tank through the airflow system. Depending on what's causing it, leaking can be anything from just a few drops of e-liquid to having an empty tank as it spills its contents all over the vape mod. It's not uncommon even with the well-known sub-ohm tanks. But thankfully, most newer tanks are designed to prevent this from happening. That said, no tank is still 100% leak-proof. 

How to Prevent Leaking

You should start by checking the seal. This is obvious, but you still need to ensure that the tank is fastened correctly together. At times if you're in a rush, you may cross=thread the cap or even forget to screw it together tight enough. As you can expect, this can lead to leaks. 

Remove E-Juice from the Chimney

Your tank has a central airflow tube that comes from the body of the tank to the drip tip. This is also called the chimney. You may get e-juice inside this chimney accidentally, and this can lead to gurgling and even leaking. If this happens, you should clean it out using a paper towel before you vape again.

Always Keep the Tank Upright

There are some tanks that can't handle being on the side for too long. E-liquid can seep through airflow holes if you leave your tank on its side overnight or for long hours. As much as possible, keep the vape positioned upright if you're not going to use it for an extended period. If you do, you run the risk of having to deal with leakage. 

Check O-Rings for Signs of Wear or Damage

Another common culprit behind leaks is a damaged O-ring. Take apart the tank and check your O-rings thoroughly for any signs of wear or if there's any broken or missing O-ring. These can all compromise the tank's seal. If you do notice that something is wrong, you can replace them. Just ensure that you're getting the right size, or there might be leaks again. 

Check the Airflow

The airflow holes should always be completely closed when filling, and when you're using the vape, the airflow should be open enough so you won't have to take too strong inhales. When you inhale too forcefully, you could bring too much e-liquid into the coil that may then cause leakage. 

Never Overfill the Tank

Always be careful when refilling the tank. There should be a small air pocket at the top to prevent liquid from leaking out. You should also do it slowly and carefully so as not to flood the tank accidentally. 


By following the tips shared by V8PR on this post, you can avoid issues like gurgling and leaks when you vape. As you can see, with proper use and storage as well as the proper refilling techniques, you can avoid problems with your vape tank, pod vape, or rebuildable atomiser. 

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