How to Protect Your E-liquid Bottles: 3 Maintenance Tips -

How to Protect Your E-liquid Bottles: 3 Maintenance Tips

A popular advantage of vaping over smoking is the logistical and financial benefit of getting your nicotine fix without burning your savings. Additionally, there are numerous ways to spice up your vaping sessions with various flavours and nicotine concentrations to match your fix. This is why it’s not uncommon for vapers to buy different e-liquid bottles to swap out from one to another now and then.

However, the danger of vaping different e-liquid juices is that their taste can deteriorate without the proper care and maintenance. This can lead to a less potent taste at best to a completely dull flavour at worst.

Caring for your e-liquid’s condition

Like any form of juice or syrup extract, e-liquids can deteriorate due to poor storage and maintenance. Its complex chemistry of chemical compounds can break down over time sooner than later, especially if you handle your e-liquid bottles poorly. This results in a diminished flavour that will make you sorry for buying a batch in bulk.

If you want to keep your e-liquids in good condition, here are three important maintenance tips you should follow:

1. Being mindful of heat, sunlight and oxygen

If you plan to store e-liquids, you need to ensure that you’re using a high-grade of plastic to prevent sunlight from energizing the oxygen molecules in your e-liquid. This will cause them to deteriorate the nicotine content in your bottle. It’s generally better to use glass bottles since they’re less permeable than high-grade plastics. However, you still need to keep your bottles in cool places away from the sun.

2. Separating long and short-term storage

If you’re planning to bring your e-liquid bottles on a short trip or to work, it’s best to keep them in a dark and cool compartment. You can leave them there for days without experiencing any difference in flavour when refilling your vape cartridge. However, if you want to keep your e-liquid bottles for several weeks, it’s best to store them in a fridge. Doing so will prevent the molecules from reacting with each other as quickly in room temperature. Because of this, the nicotine content and flavour won’t feel diluted even after a few months.

3. Protecting your e-liquid bottles from children

If you have kids around the house, it’s vital to be extra cautious about your e-liquid bottles. Children can mistake the labels on the bottle for flavoured syrup or juice, especially if you prefer to buy fruit-infused e-juices. When children ingest e-liquids in concentrated amounts, they can experience dangerous side effects. Although it’s generally safe to vape nicotine-based juices, it’s not as harmless when you drink the extract straight from the bottle. Accidental nicotine poisoning is no simple matter, so you need to be more vigilant if you’re living with children or expecting them as guests.


Maintaining your e-liquid usage should be a balance of regulating your vaping frequency and caring for your vape kit’s different components, from your vape wick to your e-liquid stock. Although people have varying vaping habits, you need to take proper maintenance of your vape kit. Thankfully, the benefit of owning a vape kit is the convenience of swapping out old parts and components for new ones. You can reinvent your build and discover unique ways to modify your vaping experience. This also applies to your choice of e-liquids, if you end up having a bad batch due to improper storage or other reasons.

It's best to start with a great batch of e-liquid to ensure that you can make it last for a long time. If you're in need of a vape shop in the UK with access to a wide selection of e-liquids in the market, shop from us today!