Is Using E-Cigarettes the Solution to Quit Smoking? -

Is Using E-Cigarettes the Solution to Quit Smoking?

Smokers who want to turn over a new leaf can find it difficult to move on from their habit. Alternatives like coffee, gum and even nicotine patches aren’t always effective for people who want to quit smoking. Smoking’s effects can have more impactful detrimental effects the longer it takes for someone to quit. For this reason, people who want to get better need to find the right method for quitting as soon as possible.

Vaping is quickly becoming an acceptable alternative to smoking based on smokers and medical professionals. This is why the e-cigarette market is reaching a huge spike of attracting previous smokers and first-time vapers. Nevertheless, many people still doubt the viability of using it as an alternative habit to invest in.

Vaping offers a similar delivery of nicotine without the dangers of smoking

Cigarette’s detrimental effects are present to the user and their surroundings. However, e-cigarettes don’t share the same level of danger. For this reason, it’s a much more effective method for quitting smoking than other alternatives. Attempting to forget the muscle memory of smoking is one hurdle that you won’t have to overcome since using an e-cigarette is relatively similar to using a cigarette. 

Thankfully, vaping’s success is mainly due to its similar model of nicotine consumption. Unlike gum or lozenges, e-cigarettes give you the fill of a nicotine rush while also allowing you to still indulge in the act of smoking.

Vaping regulates your nicotine hit based on your preferences

Vaping also gives the “throat hit” sensation that smokers are familiar with. However, e-cigarettes allow you to regulate your nicotine content at controlled doses. Most e-liquids in the market provide different blends and concentrations of nicotine. Unlike patches and sprays that only offer the standard dosage, e-liquid brands can offer variability from 0.6% to 1.8% nicotine strengths.

Contrary to popular belief, vaping has been available in rehab facilities to help people overcome their smoking addiction. Before it became a popular product in the market, its use was for the regulation of nicotine content for past smokers. The option to choose stronger or lighter hits is an excellent way for smokers to temper their needs. It’s useful whether they want to maintain their habits or cut down on their nicotine intake.

Vaping gives you more options than traditional smoking

There’s more than one way to enjoy vaping. You can vape through handheld e-cigarettes to desktop vaporisers. Even then, e-cigarette models have plenty of variability for vapers who want a unique type of hit. For beginning vapers who wish to transition from smoking to vaping, it’s best to buy e-cig starter kits.

These products have a similar look and feel to using a cigarette, albeit with a bulkier appearance. However, their greatest advantage is its durability and customisability. It’s common for vapers to mix and match their vape mods over time, either to replace them or to improve their kit. These mod parts can range from giving you longer battery capacity to denser vape clouds to fit your personal smoking experience. You can also try out different e-liquid flavours and blends available.


Besides health reasons, smokers want to quit because of the growing upkeep of maintaining their habit. Buying an e-cigarette is a viable investment in cutting down your nicotine needs’ expenses. By making the shift to vaping, you’re guaranteeing yourself a longer life and a more sustainable way to get that hit.

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