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What Are the Key Features That Make Box Mod Vape Kits Special?

A box mod is more complicated than your pen vapes. Box mods are called such because they look like little boxes, and you can modify them. Box mod kits are for vapers who are interested in taking their vaping experience to the next level. 

What are the Features of Box Mods?

1. Larger Battery Capacity

With a bigger battery, you’re guaranteed longer sessions at a time.

2. Adjustable Temperature

Box kits allow you to control the heat at which you vaporise your juice. Pen vapes tend to have a single set temperature, so it’s more beginner-friendly. By taking control of the temperature, you can make sure you never have a dry hit.

3. Adjustable Power

You can control the wattage used by your box vape. A higher wattage eliminates the delay that you get with some pen vapes. You get a hit instantly with a better throat feel.

4. Sub-ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm is a relatively new way to experience vaping. Box mods with a sub-ohm atomiser produce bigger clouds and intensify juice flavours.

5. Customisation

The most attractive feature for most vapers is how customisable a box mod is. The most common mod is the atomiser. You can replace the one that comes in your kit with a larger capacity tank. Some atomisers can affect the flavour and how much vapour you breathe in.

How Do I Choose a Box Mod?

Now that you know what box mod kits have to offer, think about what you want. It helps a lot if you’ve had a pen vape for a while. This gives you a baseline to work off of. There are loads of designs and styles out there to choose from, so consider some key factors:

  1. What’s your budget?
  2. Do you like big or small clouds?
  3. How big do you like your vape?
  4. Do looks matter to you?
  5. How much power do you need?

SMOK T-Priv 220W TC Box MOD

The SMOK T-Priv TC Box Mod will suit your look if you’re into that gamer style of tech. It’s got LED lights with multiple colour options. The box itself also comes in a wide range of colours. It’s not too chunky and can fit in most men’s pants pockets (sorry, ladies!) You’ll need two 18650 batteries for this box mod, so it packs a lot of power. Not a bad deal for £29.99.

SMOK Quantum 80W TC Box MOD

The SMOK Quantum 80W TC Box Mod is a more understated piece priced at £24.99. It only needs one 18650 battery, making it much slimmer compared to the T-Priv. What makes Quantum stand out is its “Over The Air” technology. You can update your vape using your phone by connecting to its built-in Bluetooth.


Some vapers are content with their pen vape. It gets the job done, and it’s convenient. Box vape kits are for those who are looking to fine-tune and elevate their vaping experience. It’s for those who want to get the most out of their juice. It’s especially for those who like to get their hands dirty and tinker.

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