Master Ghost Vaping in These Three Easy Steps - A Guide -

Master Ghost Vaping in These Three Easy Steps - A Guide

Smokers and non-smokers alike are drawn into vaping for various reasons. While some opt to turn to e-cigarettes to ease their transition to quitting smoking altogether, many are reeled into it because of the appeal of performing tricks.

Vaping tricks can be an easy way for you to have fun with your friends or leave a lasting impression to guests at a party. If you are new to vaping and interested in learning easy tricks, the next thing you should do after investing in a quality e-cigarette from a vape shop in the UK is to study ghosting. This trick involves releasing a ghost-resembling vapour and inhaling it back.

Learning it is easy, which makes it a great way to start vaping tricks. Here are the steps on how to do this trick:


Buy a premium-quality vape from a reputable online vape shop in the UK and learn how to use it normally. To perform the ghosting trick, the most important part and the first thing you have to practice is to inhale the vapour successfully. This means taking a mouth hit, which is similar to smoking. If you have never tried smoking, you may imagine drinking from a straw and keeping the beverage in your mouth. Avoid breathing through your nose to ensure the good vapour quality of the ghost you are about to release.


After mastering the proper way of inhaling, release the vapour as a ball of vapour. Try producing vapour with more form instead of just breathing out or blowing a cloud of vapour. Make sure to mind the shape of your mouth and form a tight O shape with your lips to create a solid-looking vapour. Push it out of your mouth using your tongue with a soft or hard force to retain its shape as much as possible.

The density and distance of the vapour cloud that you release depend on the force of the push of your tongue. For beginners, it is advisable to use a softer push of the tongue to produce a denser vapour cloud and perform the trick better and easier.


Finally, you have to inhale back the vape cloud that you released to finish this vaping trick. To attain this and capture the ghost more easily, shape your mouth with your lips facing away from your mouth.

Keep in mind that the size of your mouth’s opening determines the speed of inhaling your ghost back. Savour the vapour cloud inhalation, achieve just the right pace, and produce a better vapour quality by using a medium opening of your mouth or leaving your mouth half open. Adjust the size of your mouth’s opening according to your personal preference.


Becoming an expert in performing the ghosting trick is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the world of vaping tricks. What makes it an ideal trick for beginners is that aside from being easy to perform, it also does not need any props, materials, or an elaborate setup for it to work successfully.

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