MTL & Sub-Ohm Tanks_ Which to Choose for Your E-Juice -

MTL & Sub-Ohm Tanks_ Which to Choose for Your E-Juice

When it comes to selecting the best e-juice for your vape, you might probably think of a variety of flavours and levels of nicotine concentration to choose from. However, these aren’t just two factors to consider. What many miss out on is the use of a vape tank for their e-juices. Know that there is a wide range of vape tanks available in the market and they are typically sorted into two main types: mouth-to-lung (MTL) tanks and sub-ohm tanks.

In this article, we’ll cover and differentiate the two types of vape tanks. Keep on reading as well to learn the importance of a vape tank and what particular tank to choose for your e-juice.

The importance of a vape tank

Apart from the essential facets of vaping, you might be wondering why you should factor in your choice of vape tank. Sure, you may primarily take the heating element, the atomizer, and e-liquid into utmost consideration. Know, however, that the vape tank can significantly impact the overall vaping experience as well, which is why its consideration shouldn’t be left out.

As there’s a wide variety of vape tanks out in the market today, you can easily find an option that suits your needs. Whether it’s a specific vape tank under the MTL or sub-ohm category, you can effortlessly have the kind of vaping experience you want. This is why many vape enthusiasts tweak and experiment with their vape tank – for cloud formation, throat hit, subtle flavour, or any vaping experience one may want to savour.

Two main types of vape tank

As we dig further, let’s take a look at the two main types of a vape tank, as follows:

1. Mouth to lung tanks: The MTL tank has factory-built coils with a restrictive juice flow and airflow. This tank is ideal for those with high nicotine preferences due to its tighter draw. It is also suitable for thinner, PG-based juice because of the limited airflow.

The MTL is a vaping technique that involves inhaling the vapour into your mouth and letting it stay there for a while before it gets into your lungs. This is said to be the most appropriate vaping technique for new vapers due to its similarity to smoking.

2. Sub-ohm tanks: The sub-ohm tank is ideal for larger e-juices. This tank demands more power and liquid consumption, as it aims to produce huge, dense clouds. A high PG juice is perfect for this tank type, as the juice can endure the heat and move freely through a larger liquid channel.

Also known as sub-ohming, this vaping technique involves producing large clouds of vapour, by using low resistance coils that are less than one ohm. As you may or may not know, ‘ohm’ is a measurement of resistance, which is instrumental in sub-ohm vaping.


At this point, you now know why a vaping tank plays a crucial factor in your e-juice selection. While the MTL tank is good for a thinner PG e-juice, the sub-ohm tank is perfect for a high PG e-liquid. This goes to show that while the e-liquid is the soul of your vape, the tank is its backbone. Ultimately, both should go hand in hand for a great vaping experience.

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