Vape Kits: All You Need to Know About All-in-One (AIO) Vapes -

Vape Kits: All You Need to Know About All-in-One (AIO) Vapes

The vaping industry is developing rapidly as the hobby becomes more and more popular across the UK and around the world. Different types of e-juice formulations and vaping devices are being released in the market rapidly, providing endless options for beginner and veteran enthusiasts alike. This has also led to development of more convenient vaping devices for easier e-juice refilling along with other features.

All-in-one (AIO) vapes are perfect vaping devices for vapers who prioritise practicality. These vape setups effectively straddle the line between basic pod systems and complicated starter kits. Most AIOs include a tank, coil, and battery to make life easier for those who will use them. All you need to do is refill the tank with your preferred vape juice and recharge the battery whenever your setup needs it!

AIOs come in many different shapes and sizes, so enthusiasts aren’t limited to a certain aesthetic. You can have all the practical benefits of an all-in-one setup with the colour, look, and battery setup that you prefer.

Pen-style Vs. Pod-style AIOs

AIOs come in two main setups: pen-style and pod-style. Pen-style AIOs are very similar to classic vape pens, with a two-part design that divides the tank at the top and the battery at the bottom. The main difference between a vape pen and a pen-style AIO is that the AIO’s atomiser is not removable.

Similarly, pod-style AIOs are nearly identical to pod systems. The only difference is that AIOs use replaceable coils instead of pods. These coils provide much better performance when it comes to delivering an excellent vaping experience.

A Better Vaping Experience

One reason why AIOs are so popular is that they have much higher power output than standard vape pens and pod systems. They put out higher wattage to deliver much more flavour and bigger clouds than other pocket-sized devices. If you want to make the most out of your high-quality vape juice, AIO devices are the best choice for you. 

Some AIO devices offer different vaping modes to provide your preferred output. You can swap between soft, normal, and hard modes depending on your mood for the day or how much flavour you want. 

In addition to output control, AIOs also let you choose airflow controls through different coils. This allows you to easily switch between different vaping styles. Additionally, you can experiment on how airflow impacts the vaping experience. This level of control and flexibility makes AIOs incredibly attractive for AIO enthusiasts.

Integrated Battery System

Big box mod vaping devices are fantastic for vaping at home. The large batteries can deliver unparalleled performance, especially when compared to a standard portable pod. The downside is that these giant devices aren’t portable, and it isn’t very practical to keep their batteries charged at all times.

For these reasons and more, vaping enthusiasts are opting for AIO vapes. AIOs have integrated batteries that are 1100 mAh or higher, which is twice the capacity of a standard pod system. This battery can last much longer and can deliver higher horsepower. The practicality of highly efficient, integrated batteries is pretty much unparalleled.


All-in-one vape devices combine the practicality of portable pods with the increased battery power of bulky box mods. With AIOs, life as a vaping enthusiast is as simple and easy as it gets. You can even control the power output and airflow to suit your preferences! All you have to do now is to buy the perfect AIO setup for you.

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