New to Vaping? Here Are 4 Tips to Make the Most Out Of It -

New to Vaping? Here Are 4 Tips to Make the Most Out Of It

If you are about to start your vaping experience for the first time, it will surely be an exciting moment for you. Nevertheless, there are a few pointers that you'll need to keep in mind to start off your vaping journey on the right foot. This is because, if you end up ruining your first experience, you might never give this enjoyable hobby another try ever again. 

If you're new to the vaping world and want to make the most out of it, here are four tips to keep in mind at all times:


Choose the right e-liquids

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of giving yourself the best possible vaping experience is the liquid itself. While you might be tempted to cheap out on liquids after spending a hefty amount of money on the vape itself, you might not want to do that.  

Remember, you will always get what you pay for. With high-quality e-liquids, you get to enjoy the best possible experience with vaping. If you opt for cheaper ones, on the other hand, not only can it hurt the vaping experience, but it might damage the vape and your health as well!


Store the liquids properly

When you spend a lot of money on e-liquids, especially if you've bought plenty and need to store some, you must know how to keep them properly so that they will last. 

If you're planning to store your juices, ensure that they're kept in a tinted glass bottle and placed in a cool, dark place. That way, they'll last much longer, meaning that they won't spoil by the time you open them up. Also, remember to shake it well before vaping, as the contents might have settled on the bottom.


Keep your vape fully charged

Nothing's more disappointing than looking forward to a good drag only to find out that your vape's battery has run out. Because of this, always ensure that you keep it fully charged before use. Of course, once it is full, it is recommended that you unplug the device to keep it from getting too warm, which could potentially hurt the battery's performance.

In terms of performance, if you find that the battery isn't performing at its best, check it to ensure that it is functioning properly. Otherwise, have it replaced immediately.


Select the right PG/VG ratio

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are two substances found in e-liquids, yet each of them plays two different roles. If you're looking to create the thickest vape cloud, look for e-liquids with a higher ratio for VG to PG. If you're looking to experience the same "throat hit" that cigarettes have, a higher PG ratio is the way to go.


Wrapping up

You must know as much as possible about vaping before you begin. Otherwise, you run the risk of making mistakes along the way, potentially ruining your first-time vaping experience. Of course, this doesn't mean that even if you know everything, mistakes won't happen. Even if you run into issues or problems, think of them as learning opportunities to further enhance your vaping experience!

If you’re new to vaping and are looking to learn more about vaping, get in touch with us to see how we can help.