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A Chat on Vape Tanks: Picking Out Your Vape Atomizer - Part 1

When looking into doing vape, a key factor is to consider the tanks. Some people opt for the RTA, or the rebuildable vape tank atomizer. On the other hand, some go for the RDA, which is the rebuildable dripping atomizer. In order to make an informed choice, it's key to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of each. However, the basics of vape kits in the UK need to be established first. Let’s start with the RTA!


As previously mentioned, an RTA is a rebuildable vape tank atomizer. It is a kind of RBA (rebuildable atomizer) that has a posted deck, enclosed with the use of a sealed metal chamber cap. It has a tank pool with the ejuice in the UK encompassing it as a whole. The chamber cap is generally linked to a chimney, routing the drip tip and vapor. 

Gravity, alongside pressure, helps e-juice to get pushed into the tank down to the chamber cap. In the end, it goes through the channels that are present around the deck's girth being present. These channels have the ends of a soaking wick put in them. Thanks to the process of diffusion, e-liquid gets passed from the wick to the coil in order for vaporization to occur.

Advantages of an RTA tank:

  • Cheaper compared to sub-ohm tanks
  • Easier than RDA to use
  • Flexibility with coil build experimentation
  • Quantity of sub-ohm level liquid, RDA-grade flavour, cloud production

Disadvantages of an RTA tank:

  • Changing flavour requires emptying out the thank entirely and cleaning it out
  • Requires having the ability to build coils and/or get them replaced

Minor disadvantages aside, RTAs are generally a great way to set up fantastic flavour production alongside fine vapour production. Professional vapers have shared their two cents about this: RTAs that are of good quality are able to bring out the full potential of e-juice flavours no matter what they are. There are similarities to the RDA setup, but they are definitely distinct from one another. 

Comparing the two, many vapers say that it's more convenient to use RTAs, since they have a juice tank. That prevents any hassle related to dripping and will eliminate the need for you to carry around a bottle of e-juice. RTAs are also incredibly cost-efficient, since their components are cheap and the requirements for maintenance are quite low. If convenience and cost-effectiveness is what you’re looking for, an RTA tank may be exactly what you need? 

But when should you choose an RDA?

What About the RDA?

The rebuildable dripping atomizer, or RDA, is just one part of the rebuildable atomizer. It comes with a deck and posts for fastening the coil in order to give electric energy from a closed path. This energy tends to come from the vape batteries, generally used for the coil to be heated up. That said, these tanks are highly customizable and can be excellent for more experienced vapers.

Want to learn more about RDAs? Stay tuned for part two!


There are many options for vaping out there, including the RTA and RDA. We have already gotten a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of the RTA here, with a peek at the RDA. Watch this space for more on the RDA and more information to help you make an informed choice.

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