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Helpful Tips to Prevent Your Vape Juice from Turning Brown

Many people believe that when their vape juice changes colour, it has gone bad. However, this is not necessarily the case. If you don't use your vape juice quickly, it can turn into a brown or deep amber colour over time. While this may be off-putting, it doesn't mean the juice has gone bad.

That said, instead of immediately throwing away your brown vape juice, let us look at the science of this sudden change and how to prevent it moving forward.

Why Did the Colour of My Vape Juice Change?

The main reason your vape juice changes colour is due to oxidation. This happens when your vape juice is exposed to air, light or heat for extended periods of time. As your vape juice oxidises, the molecules in the liquid start to break down and change colour. While this process is natural, it can cause your vape juice to lose flavour and potency.

To further clarify, the change in colour is caused by a chemical reaction between the nicotine and propylene glycol and is perfectly normal. Over time, the nicotine will oxidise and turn brown. This process is accelerated by exposure to light and air, so storing your vape juice in a dark, airtight container is important.

There's no need to panic when you see your vape juice change colour. The flavour may be slightly affected, but it will still be safe to vape. If you're not happy with the flavour, you can try steeping your juice to see if that improves the taste.

How Do I Prevent It from Happening?

1. Try Not to Travel With It and Keep It Sealed

If you don't close your vape lid tightly, oxygen will be able to get in and ruin the mixture. Make sure to close it tightly so that this doesn't happen.

You should try not to travel with your juice if possible, as it can affect the chemicals in it. If you have to bring it with you, it's best to keep it in a cool, dark place.

2. Store It Properly

The best way to store your e-liquid is in a cool, dark place. A cabinet or drawer will work fine if you're only planning on using it over a short period of time.

To store your juice for long-term use, place it in the fridge. The fridge is the ideal storing condition as it can prevent bacterial growth and keep the colour of the juice much longer. This will help to keep the integrity of the juice intact.

If you don't plan on using your e-juice often, putting it in the fridge is worth it. This will help keep the flavour and consistency from changing.

3. Don't Mix Juices

You should never mix vape juices, even if they are the same brand and flavour. This could result in oxygen contamination, which would ruin both bottles.

4. Quality Matters

When you purchase low-quality vape juice, you run the risk of getting a sub-par product that can end up browning your vape. This, in turn, can lead to negative health effects. To avoid this, it's best to buy high-quality e-juice.


Overall, while it is natural for vape juice to darken over time, there are ways to prevent this from happening. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can maintain your e-juice in its natural mixture and colour and prevent it from turning brown.

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