3 Tips To Properly And Safely Store Your E-liquids

When getting started with vaping, you may not realise it at first, but you can soon find your wallet a little emptier than usual due to your e-liquid purchasing spree. Of course, if you had plenty of money, this wouldn't be a problem. However, if you wanted to save cash, then you'd want to know how to properly treat your e-liquids so that they last a lot longer! But of course, if you wanted to ensure your vaping experience is consistent and good, you'd want to know how to treat them well anyways.

So, regardless of your reasons behind storing your e-liquid, here's what you should know to keep them in perfect condition:

1. Store Them In A Cool Area

The biggest thing you need to remember when storing e-liquids is that you want to keep them in a cool area, preferably the fridge. You want to ensure that your e-liquids do not become exposed to heat or excessive light, both of which can damage your e-liquids and give them a shorter lifespan.

If you were storing your e-liquids on the main shelf of your refrigerator, you'd want to displace them to a different shelf, preferably the bottom. This way, they won't be exposed to refrigerator light and won't feel the effects of being on the main shelf. You can also opt for a sealed container to store your e-liquids in.

2. Keep Out Direct Sunlight

Exposing your e-liquids to direct sunlight over time can cause them to lose their flavour. Once the flavour from your e-liquids starts to fade, it can cause a huge impact on your vaping experience. When this happens, you may not get the same flavour from your e-liquids as you did before. They may also leave a strange aftertaste in your mouth that you may not have experienced before.

So, always be sure to keep your e-liquids somewhere where there is little to no light. This can be in your closet, drawer, or anywhere else. Just make sure the spot's cool as well!

3. Shake Your E-Liquids Every Once In A While

Once you've opened the container, you'll want to make sure you shake it up once in a while. By shaking your e-liquids, you'll help prevent sediment from settling in the bottom of your e-liquids. This will help keep your e-liquids nice and fresh. Plus, once you want to use your e-liquid, shaking them will help you get your e-liquids out faster to help satisfy that craving faster.


By knowing how to properly store your e-liquids, you can ensure your vaping experience is consistent and appropriate. This will help keep you spending less money on your e-liquids and ensure that you're able to enjoy their flavour and consistency, regardless of their age. 

So, knowing how to store your e-liquid is an essential piece of vaping knowledge that every vaper should know, so go out there and learn it! More importantly, apply them. The more you do this, the more automatic things become. Before you realise it, you're subconsciously keeping your e-liquids in a safe, cool, dry, and dark place that'll ensure your vaping experience will stay consistent for months to come!

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