Vape Care 101: How to Properly Store Your Vape Juice -

Vape Care 101: How to Properly Store Your Vape Juice

Whether you're new to vaping or a veteran vaper, you've probably experienced some issues with e-liquid storage at some point. 

The most common one is the loss of delicious flavour notes over time. When you inhale your e-liquid, and it tastes faint, this is a sign that you aren’t storing it properly.

There is a popular misconception that e-liquid is only a single component. It may certainly look that way when you purchase it from a vape shop or a distributor, but there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. 

Let's look at what makes up e-liquid and why you should take the time to store it properly. Read on below to learn more.

When Vape Juice Goes Bad

The most common reason for e-liquid going bad is the use of improper storage containers. If the cap of the e-liquid container is made of rubber or plastic, it is susceptible to getting worn out over time. 

To put it simply, vape juice oxidises when it's exposed to oxygen. Oxidation is what produces the stale, "off" smell you associate with spoiled food. It happens because the organic components in your vape juice react with oxygen to turn particular chemical compounds into ketones and aldehydes. If oxidation occurs within the container, the e-liquid will essentially go bad. When this happens, the result is a chemical-tasting e-liquid that also tastes off when you use it in your vape.

Proper Vape Juice Storage

You must prevent your vape juice from coming into contact with three things: heat, sunlight, and air. All of these factors can make your vape juice’s quality deteriorate quickly. So if your e-liquid is in direct contact with these three for an extended period, it will go bad fast.

The Best Containers to Use

Glass containers are the ideal choice for vape juice storage. For short-term storage, plastic containers can be adequate as long as you finish off the batch quickly. Dark containers are better for long-term storage because they help limit the light hitting the container.

Using a Freezer to Store Vape Juice

The best way to store vape juice is by using an airtight container and storing it in the freezer. Two-piece lids are a good idea, as they allow you to keep the e-liquid at a nice, cool temperature. However, it's also a good idea to place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the lid before attaching the cap itself. This covers the top of the bottle, which prevents evaporation.  This will ensure that air can't get into the container and oxidise the e-liquid and its ingredients.

You may also choose to add a layer of aluminium foil to the top of the container. The foil will help keep too much light from entering the container and help prevent cracking.

Just remember that you won't be able to just pull open the freezer door and grab the bottle of e-liquid off of the shelf to use it. You'll need to set aside enough time to let it thaw out. Also, keep in mind that although e-liquid freezes, it doesn't freeze solid—there will still be a small amount of liquid in it. This is not an issue, though, because the liquid will evaporate just as it usually would once you turn your vaporiser to warm settings.


Vape juice ingredients are volatile, which is why you should store yours properly. The last thing you want is a bitter taste the next time you vape, so always keep this guide in mind.

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