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3 Reasons Behind Your Overheating Vape

Vaping feels like a refreshing habit that can cool your breath with all the mint-inspired e-juices in the market, but behind the scenes, your vape device is designed to get hot. After all, you need heat to turn the e-liquid into flavourful vapour for your cloud-chasing thrills, but the hot process shouldn’t end up burning you in any way. 

When the battery feels too warm to the touch, and the vape tank starts to overheat, there’s no need to run and think an explosion is about to happen. Newer vape models are built to be safer, especially since your vape device getting hot works the same way your phone can sometimes overheat too. 

So when your vape starts to get too hot to handle, here are the common culprits and what you can do to keep your vaping sessions cool: 

1. Chain Vaping

It’s tempting to take a hit in your vape one after another, especially if you love the flavours of your e-liquid and in the zone of your vaping adventures. But vaping too frequently with little-to-no rest in between hits can cause the coil to transform into a furnace, particularly because it doesn’t have enough time to cool down. 

The solution is simple: let your vape cool down before taking another hit! Giving yourself a break not only prevents overheating but also reduces the likelihood of developing a vaper’s tongue. 

2. Coil 

The coil is the part that heats up your wick and turns the e-liquid into delicious vapour, so it makes sense that the root cause can point to your coils. It can be due to issues such as using coils that don’t suit your vape’s frequency and style, or it could also be about the built-up gunk in your coils. 

Coil gunk happens when the wick burns before it’s fully soaked, leaving sticky gunk that prevents your coils from reaching the right temperature. This eventually results in your vape overheating.

3. Wattage 

Setting the wattage too high is another common suspect behind an overheating vape. This typically happens to sub-ohm vape mods since the low resistance coil needs more power to supply the right heat, so you may need to play around with your wattage settings until you reach a number that provides massive clouds without burning your coils. 

The Bottom Line: Spotting the Usual Suspects Behind Your Overheating Vape

When your vape feels too hot to touch, don’t panic! There are simple reasons for straightforward solutions that are sure to keep your puffs and cool smooth moving forward.

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