Battery Safety Measures to Protect You and Your Vape -

Battery Safety Measures to Protect You and Your Vape

All batteries need TLC because mishandling them can start fires, chemical burns, or explosions. Vape batteries need extra care compared to the typical units you buy for your remote control because they’re much more powerful. Vapes use a large rechargeable lithium battery, usually a 18650-cell or 21700-cell. 

Not every vape shop is going to give you instructions on proper battery care. Some of them will just hand you the vape and receipt and send you on your way. If you don’t know how to handle the batteries properly, you could wind up breaking your new toy or seriously injuring yourself. Here’s how you can make sure you don’t do that.

Always Buy Legit

Fake batteries in your vape? It’s more likely than you think. You wouldn’t put sketchy juice in your lungs, so why would you put a counterfeit battery in your vape? Legit brands have been put through rigorous testing before they’re allowed on the market, so it’s safer to go with them. 

Keep it in a Cool, Dry Place

It’s common knowledge that batteries don’t like it hot. Exposure to high heat will shorten your battery life. Too much exposure to extreme heat can cause your battery to explode. Too much exposure to cold temperatures, on the other hand, will slow down your battery’s performance. To prevent either, keep your batteries indoors as much as possible. Don’t store them in your car where they can bake in the sun. 

Don’t Overcharge Your Batteries

It’s tempting to recharge your batteries overnight so you can use your vape the next day. However, this will leave your battery charging unattended. You could overcharge your battery by accident while you’re sleeping. Overcharged lithium batteries can explode or start a fire. 

Wrap it Before You Tap it

Your batteries should have a pristine insulating wrap around them when they’re brand new. Over time this will experience wear and tear. Look out for things like cracks, rips, and scratches on your vape battery when you’re doing your regular maintenance. Wraps prevent your batteries from short-circuiting. 

The best-case scenario is your battery will get a bit damaged. Worst-case scenario? Your vape catches fire or explodes. So be vigilant for tears and wrap your battery up as soon as you catch them. Wraps are cheap and can come in all sorts of cool designs.

Practice Proper Storage

Don’t keep your spare batteries loose in a bag or your pockets with your keys or other stuff. Bouncing around can catch or nick the wraps. If the wrong bits touch your keys, that could start a fire in your pants very quickly. How do we prevent this? Buy a plastic case for batteries. Like battery wraps, they’re inexpensive. If you get a clear one, you can display your different wrap designs.


Your vape isn’t just an adult’s toy. It’s a powerful machine with intricate parts that need maintenance and care. If you don’t take care of it, it can blow up right in your face—literally. 

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