Vaping Trends: Should You Make the Shift to Salt Nics? -

Vaping Trends: Should You Make the Shift to Salt Nics?

Advancements in the vaping industry have made this hobby more and more accessible to newcomers. This is an excellent movement to allow more nations and demographics to enjoy the benefits of vaping. Instead of maintaining a high barrier to entry for new vapers, simpler vape device models allow anyone to learn vaping overnight.

Besides the development of more compact and practical vape mods, vaping technology has also influenced the formulation of e-liquids. A recent innovation in vaping technology is the use and popularity of salt nics. These e-liquids are a potent reinvention of the conventional e-liquid base, which gives more kick with less juice. This feature makes it a notable change for beginner and veteran vapers alike.

Should You Shift to Salt Nics?

Conventional versions of vape liquids use freebase nicotine solutions. Unlike nic salt solutions, freebase eliquids take much longer to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Additionally, its low nicotine concentration can be a dealbreaker for veteran vapers. Salt nics provide a more potent solution to vapers, with a faster absorption rate for nicotine. Although it can seem like a better choice for e-liquid products, you need to assess how it will affect your vaping experience.

Before you shift to salt nics, here are three things you need to consider:

Vaping Frequency

If your vaping sessions are more frequent than the average vaper, you may benefit significantly from using nic salts. This is because salt-based vape juices provide a more potent hit while using less liquid. Instead of taking several puffs to reach your preferred dose, you can considerably lower your puffs per session. Since salt nics have much higher nicotine concentrations, you can experience a mild buzz more quickly without the consequence of irritating your throat from extended vaping sessions. It’s a similar level of intensity most cigarette users recognise. Besides lowering your e-liquid consumption, you’ll also have a much lower vaping frequency.

Vaping Priorities

Not all vapers prefer shorter vaping sessions. Additionally, the volume of cloud production can be an issue if you’re switching to salt nic liquids. People who are more used to thick, huge vapour clouds may opt for a sub-ohm setup. Vaping devices compatible with nicotine salts tend to have lower wattage levels. This means you’ll be producing less vapour per puff. The drawback of fewer clouds is the benefit of a stronger throat hit with fewer puffs. If you value your vaping device’s cloud production, you may want to settle your vaping priorities before deciding if nic salts are for you.

Vaping Device Compatibility

As mentioned above, switching to nic salts will require you to assess its compatibility with your vaping devices. It's best to opt for a pod system since they’re specifically made for nicotine salt juices.

Pod mods differ from box mods not just in size; they’re also more commonly used due to their low wattage levels. Keep in mind that size is no longer the only determiner of the power of a vape device. In fact, pod mods are much more reliable than older models of electronic cigarettes. Although pod mods restrict you from modifying your vaping setup, they’re much more cost-efficient than most builds.


Switching to nic salt e-liquids isn’t for everyone, but it’s an important step for veterans to consider. Since it packs a stronger punch per puff, you’ll need to adjust your vape device’s build and vaping preferences to match its hit. Thankfully, numerous online vendors sell the parts and components you need to switch to a nic salt routine.

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