4 Signs You Need to Change Your Vape Coils Quickly

Whether you're new to vaping or an avid vaper for quite some time, you will have heard of the term "vape coil." A vape coil is a metal wire heated up to produce vapour, which is then inhaled. Vape coils come in various sizes and materials that determine the type of vapour produced. Coils are used in various vaping devices such as electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), vape pens, mods, and tanks.

That said, while vape coils can last quite some time, especially with plenty of care, they won't last forever. Over time, the coils can become clogged, burnt, or worn out. But of course, you do not want to replace them too early in hopes of saving money, so how do you know when you should change your vape coils? Here are some signs to pay attention to:

Sign 1. Burnt Taste

Vaping a coil that is no longer good will create an awful, burning taste. It is so unpleasant that it will make the experience unbearable. It is not recommended to try and vape with a burnt-out coil as it can harm your health. You may inhale heavy metals if you continue using a coil past its lifespan. It is best to replace the coil to avoid any health risks.

Sign 2. Weird Sounds

Gurgling sounds coming from your vape are never a good sign and should be addressed right away. Replacing the coil is a good first step in resolving the issue, but if the gurgling continues after doing so, it's a sign that something more serious is wrong. Don't ignore it and take the necessary steps to rectify the problem.

Sign 3. Weak Flavour

If your e-liquid tastes a little off or the flavour is weaker than usual, it could indicate that your coil is worn out. This usually happens when you are familiar with the flavour of the e-liquid and have been using it for some time. A burnt taste can also signify that your coil is not working properly and needs to be replaced.

Additionally, if you're getting a strange combination of flavours when trying different e-Juices, it could be because of a worn-out coil. To prevent this from occurring, it is recommended that you replace your coil each time you switch flavours to ensure that you get the fullest flavour experience.

Sign 4. Minimal Vapour

As your coil ages, the amount of vapour it produces will decrease. Your clouds won't be as big or as dense as they were when the coil was new. Eventually, you may notice a decrease in flavour and an increase in the harshness of the vapour. If this happens, it's time to replace the coil.

Also, low vapour production may also be because the battery is running low. Check to see if the battery needs to be recharged or replaced before changing out the entire coil. If the battery is not holding a charge, it might be time to get a new one for your device.


All in all, it's important to keep an eye on your coil and replace it when needed. If you notice a decrease in vapour production, flavour, or an increase in harshness, it's time to get a new one. Pay attention to the battery as well, as it may cause a decrease in vapour production. In doing so, you can always immediately realise the moment to change coils, ensuring a great vaping experience all the time.

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