How Smoking Has Increased in the UK during the Pandemic -

How Smoking Has Increased in the UK during the Pandemic

As much as we’re tired of hearing about the pandemic, we can admit that it has made many changes in society. And unfortunately, a lot of these changes have negatively affected our lives. Of course, the main focus is on how the pandemic has affected our health.

One would think that because the virus targets the respiratory system, people would put in more effort to take care of their lungs. However, a surprising side effect of the pandemic seems to be the increase in smoking in the United Kingdom. 

The Pandemic’s Effect on Smoking

According to a study conducted by the University College London and Cancer Research UK, there was an increase in the number of smokers in England during the pandemic. In the first national lockdown, it was found that there was a 25 per cent increase in the number of smokers in England aged 18 to 34. And in another survey that gathered two thousand participants, researchers found that 45 per cent of the participants reported smoking more frequently since the start of the pandemic. 

If the virus targets the respiratory system and you don’t want to compromise your lungs, why is there an increase in smoking in the UK? Well, it largely has to do with stress.

The pandemic has become quite a difficult time for all of us. With stress just piling up, smokers found themselves relying on their cigarettes more and more. And even those who did not initially smoke, found solace in the vice as they believed it would help relieve their stress. 

How to Make the Switch from Smoking to Vape

Naturally, when you are at a vulnerable place in your life, it would be much harder to quit smoking. While some may have used the lockdown to quit their habit of smoking, others became more susceptible to it.

But of course, smoking is not good for your health. And if you end up infected by the virus, your lungs can have a harder time breathing and fighting to stay alive.

However, quitting is easier said than done. And it can be extra difficult to quit smoking during such a stressful time in your life. And some that are living in isolation to protect more vulnerable family members may not be able to receive the support they need to quit.

So, what can one do to break their bad habit and protect their lungs? Well, one way is to transition slowly from smoking.

When you quit all of a sudden, your body can be surprised by the sudden change and end up not taking it so well. This can lead to experiencing withdrawal symptoms at a time where medical support is limited due to the virus. 

Instead, it would be better to make the switch from cigarettes to vape. This way, your nicotine cravings will be kept at bay without the other harmful substances getting in the way. Since vaping is less harmful than smoking, you can transition more comfortably until you can safely quit entirely. 

Final Thoughts

Due to the unfortunate circumstances caused by the pandemic, more people in the UK have begun smoking. And those that are already smokers have found themselves smoking even more since the pandemic began. The stressful situation many smokers face can make it even more difficult for them to quit their bad habits. However, by switching to vaping, smokers can transition more easily and begin their journey to quitting.

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