Stealth Vaping and Zero Vapor: What You Need to Know -

Stealth Vaping and Zero Vapor: What You Need to Know

You've probably seen people vaping in a fairly discreet manner—this is called stealth vaping. When stealth vaping, you use small vapes that produce small amounts of vapour, allowing you to regulate the "puff" when you exhale. However, these work best with lower power devices and tight MTL draw or stealth vapes. 

Even if you can control the amount of vapour clouds you release when stealth vaping, you mustn't vape in places where this is banned. With that, you should know that there have been new laws that smoking and vaping in some public establishments are not allowed, and if you do, you could land in big trouble.

Where Can't I Vape?

There are a bunch of public establishments where vaping is not allowed. Whether you're using an e-cig or vape, these devices can still constitute smoking, and you could be in serious trouble if you get caught. 

  • Aeroplanes
  • Public transportation
  • Government property grounds
  • Theatres
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Of course, some establishments follow a case-by-case basis. But the best way to find out if smoking is okay in your area is by looking for "no smoking" signs. So if you have the urge to vape, it's always a good idea to ask authorities or personnel if it's allowed where you are. 

How Do I Stealth Vape?

Once you master the art of stealth vaping, you'll be surprised by how much you can control while vaping. With that said, many even consider stealth vaping as an art form, and here's how to do it:

Step #1:

Get a portable vape kit, disposable vape, or pod vape—ideally, one that could fit your pocket. This is crucial because the smaller the vape, the less vapour it can put out. 

Step #2:

Some vapes have an LED light, but smaller ones have a tiny light that you can cover with your finger, so before taking a draw, cover your vape's LED light so you won't be too obvious. 

Step #3:

Take short puffs for a few seconds. This is important because the longer you draw, the larger the clouds of vape you produce. As you exhale the vapour, make sure to purse your lips and blow a tight stream of vapour downward. 

What is Zero Vaping?

You've probably seen people take a hit of their vape and exhale zero vapour—this is called zero vaping and is a type of stealth vaping. However, this should only be attempted with smaller devices that are concealable and small. Although you can zero vape and no one will notice, it's still critical that you don't vape where it is banned. 

The Bottom Line: Mastering the Art of Stealth Vaping with Quality Vapes

Vaping should be fun for everyone, and when you master a few tricks like stealth vaping, you'll get to enjoy vaping in more ways than one. Of course, it's best to only use high-quality vape kits for this to ensure a smooth experience. Besides, you wouldn't want your vape to malfunction and cause you injury, right?

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