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4 Steps to Make Vaping More Eco-Friendly

While vaping remains to be a better alternative to smoking, the use of this device still poses some form of risk to the environment, just like many consumer products in the market today. Many vape brands and online vape shops in the UK already adhere to eco-friendly practices, so it’s your turn as a user to do your part. Here are some steps you can take to become a more eco-friendly vaper.

1. Avoid Disposable Vapes If Possible

You’re probably aware of those disposable vape pens, or you might even be using one. While they’re awfully convenient and easy to use, switching to a reusable one is so much better. You’ll be able to save some money by just buying eJuice as a refill and help save the environment at the same time. You may need to pay more upfront, but it’ll be a better investment in the long run. If you’re serious about limiting your impact on the environment and save some money on vape supplies, then a reusable device would be perfect for you.

2. Buy UK Made

Supporting your local vape shops and brands is an admirable endeavour. While most devices aren’t actually made here, many e-liquid brands are manufactured in the UK. You can seriously reduce your ‘air miles’ by only buying local brands from your trusted suppliers and online vape shops. There are so many great e-liquid manufacturers in the country now, making it the perfect time for you to try some of those locally made e-liquids and accessories.

3. Recycle Vape Supplies

Again, not all devices, attachments, and supplies for vaping can be recycled. But you can definitely choose to buy those that are recyclable. One good example is the batteries used in your device. If you happen to own an e-cig with a removable battery, then you can easily drop your used ones to any battery bin. These can be found in supermarkets, recycle centres, and select vape stores.

If your device doesn’t have a removable battery, some vape shops and service centres can remove and replace them for you.

4. Use High-Strength E-Liquid

Now, this depends on your preference but using e-liquids with higher nicotine levels is definitely a smart, eco-friendly option. Many vapers use low strength e-liquid since they don’t want to inhale too much nicotine. This is entirely okay, but you might be underestimating the amount of nicotine needed to curb cravings. By using eJuice with low nicotine levels, you actually feel the need to vape more to assuage your cravings, leading to using more vape juice. To counter that, you can get just a bottle of high-strength e-liquid and get your nicotine fix in just a few inhalations. You conserve your juice, buy fewer bottles of e-liquid, and save money in the long run.


Vaping has been a favourite pastime of smokers and non-smokers alike. For many, it could just be a habit or a social activity, but it can also be used to become a more environmentally responsible person. Take these eco-friendly steps and do your part for the environment while enjoying what you love.

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