What Happens When You Store E-Liquids for a Long Time?

Passing, or "going off", is a term commonly used for expired food products. Are e-liquids really the same? Like any other consumable product, e-liquids do have a best before date, which means it starts to lose their potency and some of their flavours after a certain time. In this article, we explain just what happens when you stock up on e-liquids, and they pass their best before date.

Do E-Liquids Go Bad?

Well, yes, in a sense. E-liquids are liquids, and liquids do go bad. However, for the purposes of this article, we're talking about e-liquids that have passed their best before date and have therefore lost some of their potency and flavour.

Although e-liquids do lose some of their flavours over time, a really old e-liquid will not be toxic and should still be safe to use. In fact, it should still be possible to vape the e-liquid. Most vapers wouldn't want to keep e-liquid for longer than a few months once it has gone past its best before date. By that point, it's probably starting to lose flavour and isn't as easy to vape as it was when it was fresh.

How Long Do E-Liquids Last?

Most e-liquids are still safe to vape after a few months, but when e-liquids have been exposed to heat, they don't last as long as they would otherwise have done. Heat breaks down e-liquids, and the presence of oxygen makes it even easier for the e-liquid to break down. Just think of a carton of milk in the fridge vs a carton of milk being left out in the sun. E-liquids are no different.

There are also other factors that affect e-liquid's shelf life, such as the presence of contaminants and the type of bottle in which the e-liquid is stored.

The important thing to remember is that, like any other consumable liquid, e-liquids do expire. However, e-liquids aren't toxic at the end of their shelf life and won't harm your vaping device.

What Happens When E-Liquids Expire?

So, what happens when e-liquids go past their best before date? Well, for one thing, the flavour starts to go downhill. This can make it harder to vape. Aside from flavour, e-liquids also begin to lose some of their potency when they go past their best before date. This means you may start to feel less of a kick from those nicotine e-liquids, and the throat hit from the throat hit e-liquids.

The changes in flavour and scent will affect different e-liquids in slightly different ways. For example, the flavour of a sweet e-liquid will fade quickly when it starts to pass its best before date, but the vapour of a fruity e-liquid might start to taste a little off instead. It's impossible to know exactly how long e-liquids can be kept for when they pass their best before date.


E-liquids will eventually go bad, but the process isn't immediate. There's no need to rush out and buy a fresh bottle of e-liquid every few months, especially if the e-liquids haven't been stored in excess heat or exposed to air. Just remember to keep an eye on your supply and consume your e-liquids before they go bad if you want to maximise the flavour and the kick when vaping.

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